Today the Light Shines the Longest in the Year-Happy Summer Solstice!

“Yeah we all shine on, like the moon, the stars, and the sun.” John Lennon

And today, I am so grateful for the metaphorical light, that I could kiss the sun.  This last week in the USA, it felt like the darkness had encompassed the American soul and tarnished the  beacon of light dream that our forefather’s and mother’s had for our beautiful country. Yet, when tensions felt at their highest and we could handle no more, sanity returned as a darkness gave way and a shift mid-week ushered in fairness and humanity from the shadows to mark its territory once again.

And it is quite appropriate that today,  the Summer Solstice and the beginning of Summer, the Sun shines its light on Earth for the longest period of time all year, for we all needed a reminder that when things feel most bleak, that nature and her light will always rule the day.

So with the brightness of day overtaking the length of night, today is an opportune moment to take a look at the nature of your thoughts as well. Do you need to shift out of the negative into more positive territory to improve the experiences that you have during these longer days? Are you ready to change the outer conditions in your world by taking a look at what is going on from the inside out? If you have been stuck in a rut for some time now, perhaps with more light surrounding you, you will take the time to set out a strategic plan to set goals and to make vital changes that will in fact lighten your way and continue to bring the solstice energy forward brightening your day.

So stop and take an inventory before you act. While it is the longest day, it still is not the hottest yet. So get outside, take a walk, get out in nature and let the light clear your mind. Happy Summer Solstice everyone, it is time to bring on more uplifting results and take affirmative action in your life! I feel the energy shift in favor of kindness love- and it is about time!

The Meg Nocero Network– Personal and Professional Empowerment Coaching Contact me at if you are ready to take your life to the next level.

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Meg Nocero, Esq. CPC, ELI-MP





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Tools to Empower Progress : Nourishment through Uplifting Exercise, Healthy Food and An Amazing Tribe!

I have declared this to be my summer of wellness: mind, body and spirit. After a long year of transition, wading through the fog of uncertainty, beating myself up for not meeting arbitrary expectations, exhausting moments that comes from a need to prove my worth, I am in need of some T.L.C. -tender, loving care that starts with me. So back to the basics.  Going to those things that are my old reliables that have worked for me for the many years that I have been alive. Take a look at what is already in your tool shed, there is no need to recreate the wheel when you barely have the energy to juggle another thing anymore. And because simplicity is what is called for before you take another step, here you go!


What the heck does that mean? If the effortless life is what you are after, time to just get still and allow for once. Not do, Just be. Go to where you know it works for you. That was what summer was for when we were kids. Going to camp, going to the beach, making time for fun outings/vacations, sitting out in the sun, getting your Vitamin D on. Take a step back from the rat race, rest for a moment (maybe the summer) and really ask yourself when were you the most successful in the self care department and reset to that place. And therein lies for me 3 tools that empower progress come up that ay be able to help you:

First: Exercise to release the steam and detox- Red Bike Studios

As one who is challenged with anxiety, nothing better than exercise to release stress, let go of negativity, and just take 1 hour each day to take care of myself. For exercise to really get you moving in the right direction, you have to figure out what works for you. For me, Spinning is my favorite thing. And working out at Red Bike Spinning Studio for the past three years has been a place that I can go to inspire myself and to leave me feeling really good about working out. The mere fact that I love going there, makes the decision to go easier on me. The music gets me going, the instructors are amazing, and it is a high energy/low impact exercise that will have me feeling like I am getting in shape in no time. Even when I am tired, I think about how I feel afterwards and get in my car and off I go.

No one yells at me or makes me feel bad about where I am. On the contrary, with the motivation and support in each class (each instructor bringing their own style and flair), I truly feel like I am validated in my desire to be a healthier me.  Plus I get to dance and feel like I am in a club, a place I enjoyed but after having kids and not wanting to deal with that scene I don’t visit much any more. Plus, they know me. I have friends there. And that takes me to my next tool.

Second: Find your amazing Tribe.

I find my tribe in so many ways. With group exercise as set forth above, specifically at a great spin class, I am surrounded by so many familiar faces with a common goal to get healthier. Especially since I have been isolated by working from home, going to a place (like Cheers) where everyone knows your name, it feels good to connect for a great result.

Also, making time to get together on the weekends with good friends, relaxing by the pool or at an outing is an amazing way to nourish your friendships as well as get reenergized by making memories.  Networking with many people also as a way to branch out and enhance your connections to engage with new and wonderful people is definitely the way to go when there are so many people looking for new outlets.  Even getting involved with a service project to benefit others while interacting with those who align with you, all good things to do when you are looking to reset from a place of higher positive energy.  And of course, nothing better than a beach weekend, dreaming as the waves roll in or setting out intentions under the full moon with people you love and cherish.

Third: Healthy Summer Foods to nourish me.

There is something about grilling out in the summer that just feels empowering. And literally paying attention to your gut as you choose to eat lighter and try those things that truly nourish you and makes you feel good. The fruit is bountiful, and nothing says summer more than eating watermelon. The heat forces you to replenish with plenty of water. Iced coffee or even a summer cocktail by the pool sounds refreshing. Or a great iced smoothie, filled with good things and protein all boost your energy so that you can move forward. You not only start to feel better, but start to look better.

These are of course suggestions that have worked for me and are the go tos in my wheelhouse when I want to get back to basics. Like I said my summer mantra is rest and reset. Rest my mind, body and soul is the best thing I can do to enhance my own personal wellness. Empower your own progress by figuring out what works for you and then simply repeat that over and over again until it becomes an effortless addition to your way of life. And at the end of the day you will find that you have boosted yourself and you are on your way. Good luck, may wellness be yours and maybe I will ever see you at Redbike!!!


Tools to Empower Progress : Nourishment through Uplifting Exercise, Healthy Food and An Amazing Tribe! was originally published on Meg Nocero

Before We ask What’s Going on Out There, We Need to Figure Out What is Going on Inside!

“If you could only keep quiet, clear of memories and expectations, you would be able to discern the beautiful patterns of events, its your restlessness that cause chaos.” Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

There is an unknowable mystery in this journey that we all walk. The student steps out in curiosity, knowing that the world that she sees is a mirror of the internal landscape of her mind.  If the future is not written yet, when we see chaos, hatred, violence, sadness and the like, the present is the most important time to look within so that we can more easily navigate towards an unfolding that matches our highest vibration.

The best advice when the world we live in feels turned upside down is to step out of it, if only for a moment. Pure power and our own potential relies upon not buying into the story as depicted by the puppeteer. There is a strategic effort going on that hopes to uses our sensibilities to distract from a master plan where the one easily maintains power over the many in chaos.

These event do not call for us to sit idly by and witness the atrocities without doing anything. The student is called to see the patterns so we are not played. And to do so,  the best advice is to be a witness as to what how it is affecting you by going inside, get still, so that we are not pawns in another’s greedy game, but empowered to weave the magic of good. We need our light seekers now more than ever. If we buy into the script of darkness as it laid out in front of us, we are destined to be a cog in a wheel. If we stand back and start to write our own from a place of light, then we become the mechanism by which a new world is able to flourish.

Trust and faith are our sword and shield as we all seek the sacred. Keep your intentions on the mountain so to speak and remember light cannot exist without the shadows. The darkness has a purpose as it calls for us to each shine our own light on to this world, not to be encompassed by it. Nourish yourself with the beauty within that you know is there, only when you still your soul will you ever be able to be a champion or become the superhero for yourself and others.


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The Meg Nocero Network: Get unstuck, get inspired, co-create and manifest your desires, and get empowered to live the life of your dreams!

The Meg Nocero Network: Personal & Professional Development Coach

Twenty years ago, I set up a program to successfully mentor, advise and coach professionals, law students, college students, and high school students to get intentional with their lives and careers. Many of you reading this have already benefitted from my workshops, mentorship and intern programs. As a result, I am proud to say that I have a booming network of incredible people who have achieved great results in both their careers and personal goals. Now, as an author, speaker and coach, as well as an experienced counselor at law, there is more to be done, more people to inspire and motivate and more connections to make. I am interested in raising the vibration in this world by helping identify your skills and talents taking them to the next level. If you are interested in elevating your life and career to the next level, message me to get started with a free consultation and benefit from my expertise, guidance and wisdom too! I am so excited to work with all of you!! I manifest great things: from meeting my influencers (OPRAH, Chris Martin and Dr. Habib Sadeghi) to achieving goals (having the courage to resign and start a new career to completing a spiritual walk of 77 miles on El Camino de Santiago), I know how important it is to find a support network to more easily achieve greatness.

What I  can offer you:

*to connect you with other influencers

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*to empower you to make the changes to live your best life



Together, when we connect and collaborate, we all rise! #themegnoceronetwork #themagicalguidetobliss #endlesspossibilites #pureimagination
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The Meg Nocero Network: Get unstuck, get inspired, co-create and manifest your desires, and get empowered to live the life of your dreams! was originally published on Meg Nocero

Nevertheless, She Persisted: The Unfolding of the Journey

“Nevertheless, she persisted.” Sen. Mitch McConnell’s rude retort in an attempt to silence Sen. Elizabeth Warren on the floor of the Senate-instead it has fueled a feminist movement in the U.S.

I wrote a book called The Magical Guide to Bliss and first published it in 2015. And when I birthed it into the world, everything was supposed to fall into place. When I shared it, finally the middle child who was passed over and ignored would be heard. I found my voice, one of optimism and hope. I found my smile, my happy place. I told many I would do this. And in the face of naysayers, I was dedicated and persisted. And jumping out of a place where I had to both ask for permission to speak and gage my words carefully, I finally was free to be me. And showing up as myself,  I could help so many find their way. I could give a service that others would value. It was supposed to give me the courage. It was supposed to be my ticket out of a need for validation from others. It was supposed to be my ticket back to me. I visualized my life as an author, speaker, and inspirational coach while using my exceptional skills honed as an attorney. I experienced what it would be like to actually sit down and connect with others through the beauty of words, wonderful, amazing words. As long as I could share my journey with others, I would never be alone.

That was over two and a half years ago now and a lot of amazing and challenging experiences have happened since then. I still look at that cover everyday of the curvy dark haired beauty in a sexy black dress with flowing locks, proudly wearing a tiara in the updated edition.  I drew that because that is how I see myself, the butterfly soaring high with great purpose holding a key to share with others the wisdom gained from Divine mystery. And with that, I set out to heal my life and help others by discovering what I was meant to do. And the universe is still unfolding along these lines.

However, I thought it would be smooth sailing. That was the dream, that was the vision. My reality was a lot messier than I thought it would be. A lot of unaddressed issues came to light that stirred up feelings of fear and doubt. I did what I could to make small changes, to keep adding fuel to the fire that was sparked.  I was looking for the mentor who I could  trust to help me navigate as I learned the ins and outs of these unchartered waters. I did my best to make solid business decisions that I still await the pay off in the end. Somehow, I kept empowering myself  to keep rolling right along. This in spite of how terrified I was finally stepping out of the shadows, no longer satisfied that others got tapped over and over again instead of me. It was all for this moment in time, leading me here. That was my moment and as I forged my own way, my own path, I planned to take many others who felt invisible along with me. I hoped that it would be effortless and magical all at once as long as I did the hard work. But hard lessons have been learned and I still had to face the gremlins inside me. This is where I learned humility.

I did my best from where I was until the universe made it so uncomfortable that I had to choose a different way, for I am sure I would have fallen into a worse depression if I decided to stay. The environment where I worked was changing rapidly. Our beloved Chief left under mysterious circumstances leaving uncertainty to take hold. New attorneys were hired, bringing new energy where those in charge embraced while putting aside those who had been there holding the place together all along. Good friends and colleagues left as well, taking with them an important support network that I had relied on. The walls were slowly coming in all around me pushing out the air.  One week, I was recognized by a private audience with the Director of my agency and my book was given accolades by one of the greatest playwrights of our time, the next I was passed over for a promotion and unjustly repositioned in my own program that I created.  In addition, the greatest shock to the system, a misogynistic man devoid of character, conscious and integrity would head the executive branch and as a result set a toxic and contentious tone not only for my office but my country.

This step out and in a new direction was not only important and necessary for me as an unearthly force was pushing me there, I had to look in the mirror and take an inventory of who I was, what I stood for and who I was meant to be. And like the weeping of a violin, the somber and beautiful music awakes both pain and yearning for joy that resides in the soul and needs to come up to the surface to be freed. That and a realization that there is still so much to learn and that I would never learn it if I did not welcome change and stayed where I was. And, as synchronicity would have it, a mentor who based his teachings in love came to the fore as well.

So I left. I left what I knew, set out a plan, and hoped for the best. No longer restricting myself to make others comfortable, I had to learn how to balance between screaming and gently making a statement.  I had to learn how to deal with the anger that came from not rising to meet the expectations that I once held for myself, and at the same time embrace all the accomplishments that were realized.  I had to figure out who I was without the title, the badge and the tribe. I had to experience a clearing of sorts where I got an opportunity to address all the co-dependent burdens that weighed me down while doing my best to let go so I could move on.

It was by no means easy at all. It was lonely too. But 2 1/2 years later, I am finally coming into the balance between the why and the who: why I am here, why I do what I do, who I want to align with and who I want to be during the time I walk this Earth. And in the face of my insecurities that forced me to remain in the dark, hidden from my own light, I started to walk my own path.  Even found myself in the North of Spain walking “El Camino”, the same spiritual journey in the footsteps of greats like St. Francis of Assisi and Paulo Coelho. Celebrating new relationships and the joy from welcoming the end of this part of my long and arduous journey, I get to now acknowledge the path it took to get here and receive fully the blessings from the fruits of my labor.

There is always a reason we get inspired by stories of people who take risks in life and succeed. We find hope there because in their sharing there is a story of rebirth and new life. We find that there is meaning in the pain as long as we do not stay in that place for too long. Their story somehow frees us to release own inner struggle and surrender to celebrate with them as well. Like when a baby is born, for those who have had the privilege, it was a long period of morning sickness, feeling helpless to the ever growing child within, and trusting the process that all will be well in the end. And when the miracle of birth happens, we know the path beforehand was excruciating as the new life burst into the world, but well worth it.

I do not mind sharing my pain if someone else is freed from isolation when I do, because sharing frees me. It is one of the important qualities of how I want to show up as a leader that allows for the belief that possibilities exist.  A beautiful woman once pointed out to me that integrity, authenticity, character, and genuine courage are qualities that must be championed if this gateway of wonderful possibilities is to materialize. Walk in this truth, without fear. Perhaps not on the defense, but as an opportunity to teach all generations that a paradigm shift is possible. This is a time for boldness where you stand- this has been pushing me forward from a place of genuine love.

I wrote a book called The Magical Guide to Bliss that was first published in 2015. And when I birthed it into the world, everything was supposed to fall into place. Now, looking back, I suppose it has. My story has unfolded exactly as it was supposed to yet I am not done yet.  There is no happy ending, just a lot of happy moments strung together over time as
I still walk my path. Faced with the chance to redefine intentions, learn from my mistakes, use my more finely tuned intuition, I set out now with the desire to ask my own angels and guides to make me a channel of Divine creativity and peace. I have fine tuned my team and opened myself to new beauty in the form of people, places and things that will lend a hand in making me an instrument of a Higher Will.  Aware to coincidence and synchronicity, it is time to hit refresh and address what needs attention so I can tell it like it is, with an earned confidence and resilient spirit that could only be gained by experiencing the before and after. What comes next is a mystery to be lived with a curiosity. Books to be written, stories to be told,  I have become that which I once visualized: author, speaker, inspirational coach and an advocate for justice.  And with that, I am more grounded and I will persist leaving a legacy for my own children and others to get inspired by as they follow their own bliss despite whatever anyone says to the contrary.


Nevertheless, She Persisted: The Unfolding of the Journey was originally published on Meg Nocero

What will you look forward to today? You gotta empower yourself and start with something.

“It doesn’t matter where you start, only that you begin.” Robin Sharma

Finding my voice, finding my way, instead of finding things to dread, find something to look forward to every day. At first it may be a challenge, all the negativity getting in your way. But for life to have a bigger meaning set out something magical before your focus turns dreary anyway. If you think all things are possible, turn adventurer rather than  naysay.  Free yourself on the path of life, challenges are there but the miraculous ready to be discovered can also be a part of your screenplay.

Yes, write out what you seek to find. If you have not already, let’s rewind. Good news if you are reading this, you woke up so set out to be kind. Instead of worrying about all the what ifs that can come, let’s start with your mind. Pick something amazing to manifest,  and get aligned. For my friends, to those terrible things you perceive, you are not confined. There is no contract with dismay in life that has been sealed and signed.

The seasons will change, like the passage of time. Today is yours so get ready to get primed. Your something wonderful is waiting, and it will be worth the climb. Give yourself a rest, focus on that something to look forward to as I end my rhyme. It can shift your life if you let it, empowered version of you and sublime. And, what stories you will get to tell at bedtime, share your contagious enthusiasm you’ll be fine. And then when you wake tomorrow, just keep this in mind:  something to look forward is a best practice for life and a wonderful pastime.




What will you look forward to today? You gotta empower yourself and start with something. was originally published on Meg Nocero

Wanna be like the Notorious RBG, remember who you are and empower yourself!

“If I had any talent that God could give me, I would be a great diva.” Ruth Bader Ginsberg

This quote is just one of the reasons why I love RBG, and believe me there are so many, ‘let me count the ways’. She is a brilliant mind. She has paved the way for equality for women. She is a force to be reckoned with. In her 80s, she refuses to be edged out and discounted based upon age. She appreciates culture. And she puts a strong value on the human spirit as reflected by how she conducts herself. For me, as a lawyer myself, she is a definite role model and person of import. Bottom line: She knows she is a diva of justice and the rule of law and empowers herself accordingly.

When I was recently in Los Angeles, faced with many delightful options on a Sunday afternoon, my best friend and I headed to the charming historic 1923 cinema in Los Feliz to get some inspiration from watching the RBG documentary. As we sat in that tiny vintage theater, I felt the excitement in the air as we watched her story unfold. With each challenge that she faced, (losing her mother at a young age for one) each building block she added to her foundation, each case argued in front of the Supreme Court, and her commitment to a good supportive man, RBG rose to sit proudly and with distinction on the highest court in this land. What seemed like an improbable path for a woman, by following her passion with hard work, she never lost sight of who she was, surrounded herself with others who championed what was right, moral and just, and was empowered by what she stood for. And what came to mind as I sat in awe in that tiny little theater was-THIS IS WHAT PURPOSE LOOKS LIKE.

I believe that those who remember who they are and are empowered with purpose connected to others who are grounded, find their way even when they are lost. It is probably the key that has kept me going through the years, getting to remember who I was when I arrived, learning what makes me come alive and why I am here, and sharing my story and life with other people in a healthy and uplifting way. Sometimes that means standing up to others with whom I disagree, often that means using my voice in furtherance of my own values, and other times that means asking for what I need to heal what needs to heal.  I think of the tragic state of society where many people who feel alone are committing suicide these days because of hopelessness that leads to depression and anxiety in the first place. Isolation, others trying to control them for greed, left to one’s thoughts, fear of sharing one’s truth, living in a society where trust is of little import, all symptoms of an underlying problem that must be talked about and brought into the fore. By finding mentors in the “big” lights who rise up and shine so others can remember their own,  this is what will save us all.

And when I left that theater after the show, after having witnessed a big light, I got the inspiration that I needed to want to be more like the Notorious RBG. And lucky me, I also recognized as I looked at my bestie that I was walking with big lights all along who mirror my own in the greatest endeavor to empower each other as we walk home. To remind me, my bestie even sent me a RBG t-shirt to remember this experience well when the dark days come. And as a manifester myself, I will wear that shirt when we get to meet her one day, one diva to another, sitting down talking purpose as we can compare crowns! I know who I am. Time for you to as well!


Wanna be like the Notorious RBG, remember who you are and empower yourself! was originally published on Meg Nocero

It is time to stop the slow leak of your valuable energy: Make a list, get things done, and get an endorphin hit!

“Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.” David Allen

One of the best things that I did as an employee for the federal government was to apply for the ICE mentoring program. I was in my 11th year as an attorney with the agency and along with the plethora of emails, one popped up in my inbox that was inconspicuous as to the gold it would hold for me.   Having set out at this point in my career to open up my world to possibilities beyond what the lack of leadership in my field office would have us believe existed, curious, I applied. And as a result,  not only did I experience a great mentor, now lucky to call a friend, I was guided to set out a strategic direction, or a Mentoring Action Plan, to become the leader in my field that I am today.

One of the benefits of this mentoring program was the opportunity to attend the David Allen’s Getting Things Done workshop in New York City. For all of you over achievers, multi-taskers and the like, this three day workshop and certification was just the thing I needed to get organized, set my priorities out and alleviate stressful chaos from blocking a clear path to achieved goals.

One of my favorite activities learned was the Monday morning “Mind Dump”. The idea behind this was to empower yourself by getting things out of your head and on to the paper.  I found that when I took just a moment, 10 minutes tops, to put pen to paper and dump out from my head, everything including the kitchen sink (especially if it needs to be fixed) in front of me, the worry dissipated as I captured all things and no longer concerned myself with what was missing. Like the industrious professionals that we all strive to be, it just what was called for to declutter the mind and focus positive energy on my priorities feeling more in control of the path toward my dreams.

I think this is where you begin to make your own luck. When you are feeling out of control and all over the place because there is too  much going on in your head, make your list and start getting things done.  The world is constantly attempting to communicate with us, when there is too much noise going on from within, it makes it that much more difficult to hear. When you clear out the noise, instead of missing out, you get those important intuitive hits or messages that will make your journey that much easier.

So dump away, get clear. If you find it difficult to sit still, allow for at least 10 more minutes to meditate before doing this incredible exercise and breathe into this profound moment of inspiration so that you can soar above and look at the bigger picture.

And at the end of making your first list, take a deep breath again because now the fun begins. Not only do you get an endorphin kick when you check off each one as you go, but you make room in your life as the “busyness” falls away and the magic begins to happen. And from that place, you will find peace, manifest abundance, and go forth in prosperity.  A pretty amazing lesson to learn from saying YES to your enlightened path!


It is time to stop the slow leak of your valuable energy: Make a list, get things done, and get an endorphin hit! was originally published on Meg Nocero

3 keys to a successful transition: Follow your calling, Get curious, and BE of service to others!

“Life is one big transition.” Will Stargell, American professional baseball player

Tales of personal transformation are the stuff of story-telling, legends, and even fairy tales. We gain inspiration from the folklore of the ugly duckling who believed in herself and became the beautiful swan; the down on her luck creative who persisted over and over again despite overwhelming odds until the big break came and success was hers; and the girl who chose to leave a life of shoulds to set out to realize her dreams and made a difference in the world.

And in reality, as someone who has transitioned from one career to the next over this past year, while at time challenging and scary, it most definitely has been worthwhile.

As the Novice in so many ways, with new information coming at me all the time, learning how to manage it all has been more than necessary as I find my way. Many speak of strategically planning out the steps to navigate this new reality, however, few choose to seek mentors who have walked the path already. Perhaps it is ego, especially after being at the top of the game for close to 20 years, but why recreate the wheel when so many others can show you.

We are always at the beginning of something new. In essence, life is just one big transition after another. If you seek a path to higher knowledge on the way to realizing that you are a beautiful swan, in service I offer three keys to help you along the way.

  1. Follow your calling. Before you begin on any new path, get in touch with what makes you come alive. Ask yourself what gets you excited. For me, getting to know new people is the cornerstone for any business. In full isolation, I spiral into loneliness, however surrounding myself with a network of movers and shakers on the way to inspiring others, this gets my juices flowing, this gets my energy up, and this gets me enthusiastic to do the work.
  2. Get curious.  This is where education and the learning process takes over. You are ready to learn new things, so why not research places to go to get the information that will catapult you easier. Read the books. Google the masters. Jump in with both feet so that you can honor and love the change by arming yourself with knowledge as to what you do and do not like.
  3. Be of service to others and you will serve yourself. I got a card that reads Give all to God and God will give all to you. It goes without saying that if you offer your gifts and talents in service to others, then you will receive the same in return. In this place, you will experience the kindness and compassion of love. It connects you to life and allows you to be a responsible steward as well.

These 3 keys may just be a start as you step on a path of your highest good. It may be a beginning of the strategic plan that you will set out once you get a feel for what gets you most excited. It may be the wheel or trifecta that will start you to build a vehicle that will take you many places.

And with that, thank you for letting me serve you in your transition and the happiest of transformations as you write your own fairy tale! Buen Camino my friends!


3 keys to a successful transition: Follow your calling, Get curious, and BE of service to others! was originally published on Meg Nocero

Seriously-If you are prisoner of your own making, time for liberation!

“We cannot change anything until we accept it.” Carl Jung

There are times in life that we feel restricted by the thoughts that pervade our minds. These thoughts threaten to hinder instead of bolster us on our journey.  Oh how we get here mired in the mud, consumed by negativity like quicksand when we allow them to overwhelm.

But peering into the looking glass, we get a glimpse of two futures. One where we sit in this prison, feeling sorry for ourselves and stuck in inaction. And the other, that propels us forward, one step at a time. Making a positive choice to liberate our existence to align with the greater calling within, can be our future if we allow it.

Living from a state of suffocated reality, is no life. There in that place, we get to make the choice to step out into nature armed with embraced freedom, sunshine and a little flower. But we must accept where we are so that positive change is made possible. To engage with the love all around, now is the time to surround ourselves with people who make us feel special. Because when we choose to be loved by magical people who don’s make us feel invisible, therein lies our liberation.


Seriously-If you are prisoner of your own making, time for liberation! was originally published on Meg Nocero

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