Here’s to the fools who dream!


Concept. Dreaming is as important to the human spirit as breathing is to the human form.

This is not a joke.  You need your dreams like you need air in your lungs. It is vital to your life source.  You can’t imagine spending your whole life holding your breath because you won’t survive. So how is it acceptable to imagine a whole life not exploring those gentle whispers of magical musings that come to you as dreams. You won’t survive. You just may wither away slowly like a plant that does not get enough water if you do not take steps to further your dreams along.

You know those ideas that you may consider foolish at first, but when further fleshed out over time become a realization of a certain kind of passion. To nourish that is what a soul not only needs but demands. And when you set out on a journey guided by your dreams to see where they take you, you start to believe more and more in the vital purpose they serve as your life story plays out.

I look for inspiration, I look for sources that give energy to my own foolish dreams, I identified as a dreamer long ago.  This is not a waste of time. In fact, it is the best use of it as I am bolstered by the insights other people offer who are not just talking about their dreams, but actually living them.  Tonight, the always eloquent and consummate professional Viola Davis quenched my thirst for direction when she talked about her participating in a profession that helps her to celebrate life.  She nailed it- that is what I needed just for today, to be encouraged to seek out being part of a profession that helps ME to celebrate life and encourage others to do the same.

And as I sat by my little girl and boy as we watched the Oscars together, I noticed the sparkle in their eyes as they experienced the celebration of life as it played out before us. I actually had the distinct honor of witnessing the magical unfold right before my own eyes. And I understood, that I as their mother, am the first role model who gets to teach and encourage them to follow their dreams, I am the one who essentially gets the privilege to show them what fully breathing into life looks like. Just like my parents did for me, the beauty in that moment shared with them was exactly the celebratory move that I needed to breath more life and love into my own burgeoning dreams. For I, the lovable fool, will not die with my dreams still in me as I will do whatever it is that I can to bring out the magic of celebrating life by dreaming big, sparkling more, and shining bright.


Here’s to the fools who dream! was originally published on Meg Nocero

Create the kind of art you want to imitate!


“Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.”

Oscar Wilde

The beginning of this year has many of us wondering whether we have all stepped into a bad episode of Rod Serling’s the “Twilight Zone.”  The events of the world around us seem to be playing out like a reality show that offers a weird alternate universe.  I remember watching one of the old episodes of “TZ” feeling uncomfortable and noticeably bothered by the unnatural unfolding of that particular offering.  Because I hate surprises, I wanted to jump to the end to see what happens or just turn off the television because I hated the journey that that story line had to offer.  Now, while I know that we can’t turn off or fast forward to the end of the reality of this news cycle whose brand of hate threatens hope, I can empower through writing a creative offering of my own as to how I would like to see things unfold.  I can inspire by proposing an ending to this chapter that champions a position that rejects censorship, the corruption of big money, and conformity to social ills. I can make a commitment that the art I create is the kind that I want to imitate.

And to that end, I have started to write again. I have started to create again. And it is not surprising to me that for the first time in a while, I have felt the ground sufficiently underneath my feet again.  And this only comes after I took the time to aimlessly wander through the chaos of life, got lost for a bit in the endless running, only to work through the road blocks and move past my own sabotage.  Writing has given me the ability to get still and pay attention to the tools that keep showing up to help me find balance so that I can finally push off again and start flying.  Writing has given me the opportunity to remove myself mentally from a toxic place and look to simplify.  And writing has given me the chance to create  a roadmap where I take the time to develop my own awesome chapters to my story so that I can imitate that and enjoy the process as it unfolds.  

As I acknowledged before, I love knowing the end of the movie so I can enjoy watching it.  I am not a love of suspense or surprise. I know my limitations and what creates anxiety for me. So as I create the kind of art I want to imitate, I am just going to continue to take the time to write my own awesome parts of the story so I can wake up every day just to enjoy living it. Tallying up the signs received as a celestial confirmation that something wonderful is in play for me as long as I take off from a place where I feel both grounded and free! So I encourage all of us to find our own creative salvation, instead of buying into the drama of those we don’t agree with.  There, we get the chance through our own brand of “art” every day to set the tone and pace of our own drama as it plays out. One that is grounded in a belief that light pushes out the darkness every time. There the ending of a bad episode of the Twilight Zone transforms right before our eyes into a reality that aligns with the good for all of us, not just the few. A great piece of art that gives rise to beauty that I want to imitate always.


Create the kind of art you want to imitate! was originally published on Meg Nocero

This is not the end of my story!


“Meg, put your crown on your head and wear it- that’s so great!”


The Academy Awards are right around the corner. The A-listers are all lined up, gowns are being chosen, and there is Oscar buzz around the nominations that has so many people getting excited. The weeks, days and hours up until Oscar night become pregnant with anticipation of whose creative genius will get noticed and take away the big prize.  I am certainly one of those individuals who absolutely loves the sparkle, the glitz, and the appreciation of the gifts that the artists bring to the fore on this one big night of the year, every year.

As a child, dating back as far as I can remember, I was raised on the movies. Something that passed down from generation to generation I suppose. It was the always the favorite mode of entertainment that my family chose on weekends and holidays to spend time together and bond.  I know it was because my grandmother instilled a love of the movies – or the “pictures”-in my father and he shared this love with me. “Hollywood” for me was a way to showcase for the world some really amazing stories. And watching these stories as told through the eyes of talented, actors, directors and producers, another world would unfold right before my eyes on the big screen.  A world that I could count on to provide material that would be thought provoking inspiration and/or have me seeing a reality through another’s perspective.  It is an experience that invited me into a world of possibility, of dreams and most of all a place where you could challenge yourself as well.

As a child, I needed the fantasy to continue after the movie ended because my own reality was sometimes too much to bear.  I would pretend that I too was the hero who would save the day like a certain princess saved the world from the darkness. I would create my own stage where the ugly duckling gained the confidence of a beautiful swan and show the world what she was made of.  I got to decide which characters could come and play and which ones would be left behind. And, if I was lacking in direction as to where to take my story, I looked through the newspaper (back then that was the only way) and pick a movie that spoke to me to go see.

Now, as an adult, because I relate to the world of story telling on a different level, a level where I am thrilled to explore my gifts of creating, as I think about my own life and where I want to take my story, I still go to the theater to get the inspiration I need to move forward and live the life I want.  I am motivated by the sharing of vulnerability as I watch on the big screen others navigate through grief.  I am moved to tears as I watch a pair of dreamers dance and sing as they risk following their bliss.  I am torn by the story of secret lives, hidden away in the shadows because they fear sharing their authenticity with a world that is becoming less and less accepting of differences. And I know that these movies, each one of them, add so much to the fabric of society that needs to also be exposed to the realities so that positive change can and will happen.

And, I ultimately come away from a moving feature on a Saturday night at the movies with added momentum that where I am right now, whether I feel happy or sad, this is not the end of my story. That as I am inspired by the genius of others, I get the chance here and now, to be the hero, the princess, the beautiful swan, the collector of amazing people, and yes, I get to put my crown on my head and wear it if I so choose. And yes, I get to tell the story of the life that I want and share it with the world. You see, I am a writer. I thrive when I set out in written or spoken word to share my vulnerabilities, failures and yes, my joy and successes. If not only to bring hope to others that they are not alone in the drama as it plays out, but to also provide inspiration so that others are empowered to know that so much is possible.  And perhaps, one day I too will walk the red carpet at the Oscars. I too will get to put on the glamour and the glitz. I too will have earned a place of distinct honor after having shared my story of  wounds, strength, and courage. As I get ready to watch the exciting display of talent this year, I smile to myself that where I am right now is not the end of my story as it is not the end of yours as well.  The suspense of the evening, as well as the suspense of my life does in fact grow as we all get to live out whatever desires we decide to write in our screenplay that subsequently unfolds on a bigger stage.  A night of the Oscars is so exciting, it might just be the motivation that you need when you get tired along the way.  Kick back and rest on that one Sunday in the Spring, grab a bowl of popcorn with your loved ones, take in the different themes as they play out before you and get what you need, but never ever quit.  For I know, our stories must be told, for someone out there, each one of our lives matter on a greater scale than you will ever know.  No, this is not the end of our stories, just the new beginning! So rest, buy a ticket and see you at the movies! Let that be YOUR big prize for now!

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This is not the end of my story! was originally published on Meg Nocero

Picking up the pieces…..starting with a smile!


“Wisdom to share is that everyday is an adventure and you never know where the day will lead you.”

Richard Jurgens

I ran into a colleague of mine the other day, it had been quite awhile since I had last seen him. After we greeted each other, he said, “you are always smiling Meg. I have never seen you without a smile.” As we said our goodbyes, I turned away and thought to myself, with a knowing smile- I know that looking in from the outside, things are not always as they seem.

Little did he know, that on that very day, showing up to that very place, even with a huge smile on my face, I was struggling on the inside.  I was dealing with my own eternal sadness.  You see, I saw him at the funeral for the father of a very dear friend of mine. And, I spent a major portion of that morning struggling with the decision of whether I could go, not should go. Seeing my friend and her sisters eulogize their daddy, watching the grandchildren express their love, and listening to the song “My Way” by Frank Sinatra, the similarities had me revisiting my own memories of the day we had to say goodbye to my mother. For you see, my mom died almost 6 years ago, and to this day, it takes so much out of me to go to those places that remind me of that loss.  And knowing where I am right now, how I am dealing with the unfolding of my life, and the lack of certainty of where I am going, I missed my mother and her guidance more than ever.  Yet, I decided to go and be there for my friend bringing my smile along with me, even while crying on the inside.

And boy, do I really miss my mom lately as I am navigating this stage of my life that has me picking up the pieces of a year that was a marathon, yet felt more like a race. Looking back, I spent a lot of time and money bringing my beautiful little guide to bliss into this world with as much heart and soul that I could muster. Sure, I was overwhelmed from the task of holding down a job in law while at the same time navigating my way on this new writer’s journey.  But I think that the hardest part of this whole process for me was when I stopped and questioned myself, there in those moments of quiet reemerged my life long struggle with a lack of self confidence and the feeling that I was not good enough. A struggle that had me terrified as I voluntarily put myself out into the world only to face the risk of being rejected or made fun of once again.  I spent a large portion of my life hiding amongst the masses, not calling attention to myself because the attention I was accustomed to receiving as a child was unkind and belittling.  And you know what, the only way I got through those times, was to show up with a smile on my face so that those in the world who hurt me would never truly know the damage that they were inflicting.  And now, I was putting myself out there in a way that I had never done before to share my “magnus opus”.  And yes, as I pushed past my own fear, I still showed up with a smile every time I got the opportunity to bring my own message of hope. And, as I pick up the pieces now at the end of that year, what comes to my mind, is hold onto hope.  Hope that I will keep getting the opportunities to do what I love to do.  Hope that the magnificent part of myself will always show up to help another soul even in the face of scared places.  And, hope that everyday is an adventure and you never will know where it will lead you if you don’t show up. And I suppose ultimately that is why I showed up to the funeral, I wanted to offer my friend hope that while she was in pain now, she will get through it if she kept moving forward, just like I did, like I still do.

So I show up to my life with as big a smile as I can. I show up even though there are days when inside I feel like crying.  And each day I do, I get to pick up my life again, piece by piece and stand in gratitude for what I have surpassed so far.  So I show up with as big a smile as I can, and make a commitment to keep moving forward, doing things that I love, inviting those magnificent parts of me to come out of the shadows and stop hiding. So I show up with as big a smile as I can-because that may be the only thing that I am able to share with another person on any given day. But then again who is not to say that a smile alone might just be enough.

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Picking up the pieces…..starting with a smile! was originally published on Meg Nocero

My best year yet and the “Meg” effect!


“The great gift of human beings is that we have the power of empathy.”

Meryl Streep

Empathy. Wow, I was born with a lot of empathy. I “feel” what is going on all around me. It seems like it would be an asset, but for those of you would can relate, it is incredibly overwhelming in times like these. Fear seems to be the feeling du jour.  Anger following as a close second. Perhaps, confusion slathered over it all.  Leaving us to feel helpless and worst of all hopeless.  What is going on – this was supposed to be my best year yet- this was supposed to be our best year yet!?!

So this got me thinking, before I can have a “best year”, I truly need to set out what a “best year” looks like to me.  And the answer that I came up with is accept the past as done, implement positive change where I can in my life, discard things that no longer serve me and divest from toxicity, acknowledge success on many levels, learn something new to expand my horizons and finally connect with others from a place of love. Within this framework, I am more disciplined not to lose focus by the distracts of my empathetic tendencies and not allow feelings of “others” dictate how well I am doing.  With focus and clarity, I can use my gift of empathy to truly be an asset as part of the solution rather than a part of the problem.

In that light, I was talking to a good friend of mine yesterday and she said that my kind of inspiration brings a “Meg effect”.  I asked what she meant by that. You see, for many years, I have made it my mission to share with others concepts that have touched and inspired me. I have made it my mission to read as much as possible and talk about what would get me excited with whoever would listen. I have made it my mission to truly listen to others and offer advice that has helped me and could perhaps help them as well.  And in turn, my friend answered that the “Meg effect” is when she has taken what she has learned from me and paid it forward sharing it with others. Those others have passed it on and on and on, thus having a ripple effect.

So here I am re-focusing myself in February around “my best year yet” and hoping to have a “Meg effect” on any of you who chooses to read this.  The past is done- I gained some weight at the end of 2016, perhaps because I have a tendency to numb my out of control feelings with chocolate (I did not even discriminate on what kind). Today, I am going spinning to work out in an incredibly uplifting environment any of the stress that arises from my tendency to self-sabotage.   Implement positive change- I just started a new position within my agency that has me learning new skills and meeting incredible new people. I thought that I was good at multi-tasking before- now, this job is like multi-tasking on steroids. It is teaching me to organize my day, placing those things that are most important in front of the rest, how a real team works and most importantly when I get overwhelmed step back and to take a deep breathe. Just breathe.  Discard what no longer serves me- I may just have to declutter my closet as I declutter toxic things and people from my life. Say I love you and walk away- perhaps FB is next. Acknowledge success-I have survived the first part of this year with all the crazy things that have happened on both a large and small scale and even finished a second book. My kids are healthy and doing well and I am learning to navigate the new challenges all of this responsibility brings. Learn new things- I am learning to say Yes, say No, and to simplify with efficiency- I am learning from other experts in their fields, I am opening myself up to experiencing life through a different perspective.  Connect with others in love- as an empath, love is the greatest feeling that we possess and connecting there is what life is all about. I am extending myself past my insecurities to meet others and serve in different ways.

So before you lose sight of your best year yet, let me pass on my “Meg effect” to you. Take a few moments today to sit down and write out exactly what your “best year” looks like to you. Set out your best qualities that you want to share with others. Even list out what you want to do this year to make positive change in any degree that will help you on a micro level that can have a “insert your own name” effect, a ripple effect on a macro level. This is the epitome of empowerment, empowering yourself first by clarifying your desires, assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled, then sharing your inspiration with others.  Then love can be the feeling du jour. Followed by joy, gratitude and many other wonderful, uplifting tomes.  And from this place of strength, you can use your power of empathy to benefit all of us.  Then this can truly in any respect be “Our BEST Year Yet”.


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My best year yet and the “Meg” effect! was originally published on Meg Nocero

To find peace in the discomfort


“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”


Oh how I do miss seeing the world through a younger woman’s eyes.  In my 47 years, I do remember a place where I could almost readily find peace in the chaos and comfort in the discomfort. Life seemed more like an adventure than a hardship. The world seemed more like an oyster as I looked to find the pearl rather than a fallout shelter as I look for safety.  Perhaps I have placed my ladder on the wrong wall. Much to my chagrin, climbing and climbing and climbing, my stubborn streak forces me to not retreat but forge ahead. That is until the universe does a self correct and I find myself falling, falling, falling for my own good so I can in fact reevaluate which direction I want to travel.  Rather than follow a path that others perceive to be a safe bet, I take the riskier choice to march forward to my own beat. And surprisingly, there I shall find peace in the discomfort.

I have been listening to the soundtrack of La La Land lately, the words and the gentle lilt of the song “City of Stars” takes me into a dream like state.  Possibility, possibility, possibility floats into my mind’s eye and I remember that younger woman who would wile away hours in her day just imagining what wonders in her life would unfold.  I do smile to myself as I acknowledge that much of what I had dreamt so long ago is the reality that I am currently living. With the good and the bad, I asked largely from the universe and like an obedient genie, it did not fail to deliver.  Yet, the more mature soul in me now asks me to simplify and focus so that the pace “without” can turn into peace from “within”.  And in that peace, that is where I get the opportunity to build bridges out of isolation. In that peace, is where I get to meet like minded souls who are here to bring out the beauty.  In that peace, is where I get to find comfort in the chaos of a crazy world that wants to distract me from believing that in this moment, right here, this is the best day of my life. For tomorrow is never promised.  And if I don’t live my dreams fully right here, right now- then when?  And when I slow down, like the song goes, I can stop to:

“look in somebody’s eyes,                                                                                                      To light up the skies,                                                                                                            To open the world and send it reeling
A voice that says, I’ll be here
And you’ll be alright.”

excerpt from City of Stars, from the movie La La Land




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Butterflies, Blessings, and Bliss!


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To find peace in the discomfort was originally published on Meg Nocero

Don’t Let Dreams be Dreams!


“Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.”

Khalil Gibran

Whenever I need a boost of inspiration, I find myself drawn to the theater.  The theater has always been a warm and welcoming place where creativity unfolds right before my eyes. As long as I enter this domain with an open heart and mind, I am sure to come away with something that will inspire my own imagination to take flight.  Label the performance as good or bad, no matter, the theater has always been a safe place for a creative to go to get a necessary recharge when looking for direction and the negativity of the world may prove to be too much.

In November, I saw that Alan Cumming was coming to town. I had seen him on Broadway in 2013 for his revival of Cabaret and was beyond excited to take his talent in again as he brought his Sappy songs to the stage. Feeling somewhat down after the events of that particular period, one disappointment after another had me seeking out positive outlets that could revive my own creative spirit, I jumped on the opportunity to purchase close to front row tickets for his February performance.  And February could not come soon enough.

It was the first time that I had gone to the theater at The Knight Concert Hall at the Adrienne Arsht Center of Performing Arts. And when I handed the volunteer my tickets, an overwhelming surge of excitement came over me as she led us inside where I was met by the energy of other art afficionados milling around to find their seats as they basked in the warm yellow hue of the numerous globe lightbulbs that surrounded us all. Settling into the second row, directly center, I took in the stage and noted that the piano, cello and drums waited for its artist to help it to come alive.  And the masterful Alan Cumming and his team of musicians did not disappoint.  Not quite certain understanding before what it was that I came there for, I left feeling revitalized as I took in the gifts that all of them had to offer.  At the very core, each one of these individuals came together to share with each person there a dream that was born in them so long ago which they allowed to come true right before our eyes.  And sitting so close to the stage, it was my one hope that somehow each one of them would feel the gratitude that emanated from my own heart as once again my own dreams were impacted in a positive way.

As they stood in front of me vulnerable to the telling of their story, singing their songs, and taking me on an emotional journey, the message that I received loud and clear in the connection was don’t let my dreams be just dreams. As the piano danced, the cello wept, the drums played on, it felt almost like a ritual for me. The theater of life engaging on a deeper level once again with my soul to spark what is needed at this time to empower me to press on.  Naysayers step aside, dream quashers fall away, once again I am invited back to the path that has always been mine to truly experience my life as a cabaret! And when I trust in the gift of what has already been written, I do my part as well to inspire others to join in the miracle of this journey as we travel together to discover the gates of eternity.

For the show, as always, with or without us, must and will go on!

Photo Credit Pilar Uribe


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Don’t Let Dreams be Dreams! was originally published on Meg Nocero

Not my glass ceiling, poof it goes away!


What is this glass ceiling that you speak of? You know the one that you have spent centuries conjuring up so that a whole part of society feels kept in its place- to earn less, be less, speak less. I look up and see the sky through it, I see how high I can fly through it.  How much higher do I have to go to do my part to chip away at the illusion that you have spent countless days and nights willing me to believe. Such wasted energy to hold your place in history. Energy that could have been spent in more beneficial ways to encourage a society that speaks the language of collaboration rather than competition.  Why have I wasted years of my life fighting something that I know does not truly exist?

For to be heard for the beauty of my ideas, for the gifts that come from innovation as a whole is the point.  Rather than be silenced because of what I look like, to engender a conversation based upon my experiences as seen through my distinct eyes.  I wear this physical incarnation as a badge of honor, not to be ashamed but celebrated. I see you in that same light.  To hinder my voice is a disservice to both of us because each one of us brings life to this world.

What is a glass ceiling but the top of an illusory box that one who is threatened uses to control.  Is it out of fear that you attempt to keep me in a place that serves no one. I cannot risk giving you the satisfaction of allowing your fear to prevent progress. I no longer have the luxury of stepping aside until another takes the baton to carry us further. This glass ceiling is hate, fear, anger, despair. These are not going to save us, at this point in history.  My voice, as well as the voice of millions, must be heard as we step forward, not backwards, to champion good.  Bringing the masculine and the feminine energies to the table is a testament to true balance of cooperation.  And this glass ceiling you attempt to impose on so many, I am already on the other side. You only limit yourself and what we can do together.  There are no limits to heaven on Earth.  I am no longer looking through a shield that you once thought was there for my own protection.  I am ready to take my rightful place and invite so many others to do the same.  Won’t you step away from your worn out paradigm and join me? We either come to the table together or it is you who holds yourself down behind a ceiling of your own making and will be left behind.  I am ready to stand up for what is right, I will no longer stay quiet and step aside. That is the legacy to which I was born.  For my grandmother, my mother, my father, my sisters, my son and daughter, I choose to believe in the light and welcome all who want to follow that path. I no longer believe in your glass ceiling-and because I give it no import over me, yes then it goes away!


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Not my glass ceiling, poof it goes away! was originally published on Meg Nocero

The Empowered Artist


What do you think about when you hear the term the “Empowered Artist”?   I think of the person who works on a daily basis to hone their skills at a particular task or occupation.  I see in my mind’s eye the creative ones who take time out of their busy day to align with the beautiful magic that is waiting to pour from their soul.   I listen for the wisdom of those who have memorialized their discoveries and have lent a hand to further innovation. And, I watch for those who never give up after having made mistakes only to rise with the magnificence of their miraculous gifts to make a difference in the world.  The “Empowered Artist” is one who continues to marry creativity with passion as he/she maintains a curiosity to the unfolding as they get closer and closer to what makes their heart happy. Empowered artists can be doctors, lawyers, painters, singers, politicians, chefs, maintenance, you name it. There is a light surrounding them when they walk into a room.  You will be sure to recognize them. And even in light of failures and successes, they do not abandon their craft- they cannot turn their back on their mission to use their gifts to empower and enlighten others. 

We truly are living in interesting times. Notice I did not say unique as I am quite certain that if you make it your mission, you will not have to venture far back to find that this news cycle has played out before in Modern history.  For you will discover that history does have an uncanny way of repeating itself, that is if you wake up to this reality and start to pay attention. The realization that I come to over and over again, is that as each one of us “wakes up” in an existential sense, the kernels of truth of the lessons learned from the past will be applied to the present so as to ensure a better result.  The enlightened ones throughout time immemorial start to notice how patterns show up over and over again.  These patterns give rise to individuals who step up to embrace the darkness or the light.  You, yourself, may even comment that a particular leader who is emerging to center stage reminds you of a character that you studied in your history books or even perhaps as a part of modern folklore.  Perhaps, you will recognize someone who is finding the voice of hope and love to empower others to rise so that all of us may benefit from their contributions. Or maybe, you will highlight a person who is using fear, anger and despair as a tactic to win over control of those hearts and minds that feel such despair that no end is in sight.  The two different energies rise up as if the script were already written.  The parts are now being handed out to those who choose to be a part of the next chapter of this saga in life.  You get to choose whether you will accept the role as a passive observer just waiting to be saved or as the “empowered artist” who is ready to change the narrative and start to write an inspired and powerfully uplifting story.

And if you identify with the hero, the empowered artist, in your narrative, you can be sure to set out on the journey open to the experience.  As you follow your internal guide clarifying your intentions for the highest good as your principal goal, only to be accompanied by the ego in a minor not dominant role, then each person who crosses your path can be empowered to join a different kind of revolution. One that is based in love, not greed. One that is founded in a desire to learn, not to walk numb. One that is filled with possibility and hope, not with despair and anger.  You will be able to decipher the truth from the lies as you come more in touch with how you feel.  For you and I will benefit if we all start to acknowledge that each one of us has an internal compass.  And each one of us can be and empowered artist who does not need saving, but stands ready to persist. Especially during the most challenging cycles in history, there is born an opportunity to be extraordinary.  Now is the time to step up. And once you DO embrace the empowered artist founded in good within, don’t be surprised how many others artists start to show up to share their gifts with you to. And this is how patterns in history change. This is how we come to light and come to life. This is how great stories are written. This is how we come alive and create more empowered artists working together to save the world.




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The Empowered Artist was originally published on Meg Nocero

“We the People”: the Birth of a Movement


“There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we erect ourselves.” Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States of America

What unites us as a nation is far greater than what divides us.  What unites us as a people, the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness, is the foundation of the Bill of Rights that makes this country the shining role model other nations strive to follow.   The maturation of progress of a society calls for independent thinkers to hold their leaders accountable to guide us by the ever-changing rule of law based in sound public policy for the benefit of bringing the tenets of the Bill of Rights to life for all Americans, not just a few.  We cannot allow fear to stifle our voices when it comes to furthering the protection of basic human rights, silence cannot be the answer when these fundamental truths are being threatened.

The human mind is a powerful thing.  We have the ability to use our minds and imaginations to unify, build up this world through compassion and innovate to  further the greatness of humanity. Or, on the other hand, we also have the ability to use our intellect to divide and become a destructive force in a world.  As Reagan stated, there are no walls around the human spirit and no barriers to progress except those that we erect ourselves.  Ask yourself what is the American dream that so many have fought for and given their lives to protect?  It is a set of ideals (democracy, rights, liberty, opportunity and equality) in which many of us have come to take for granted until it is threatened in some way. For democracy to thrive, we all have to play by the same rules.  Freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success through hard work for everyone not some. And when that freedom is challenged by individuals who benefit through preaching hatred and division, be wary but do not be afraid to speak up to protect this most precious gift. We may not all agree, but where conversations begin we can come to an understanding where we give voice to the voiceless with progress in mind.

For it is freedom and the protection of humanity as a whole that is the ultimate goal. And when we all come together to stand for what we believe in, then we will come to a place where we can better form a more perfect union of equals where life can be much better for everyone, as James Truslow Adams stated in 1931, “with opportunity for each according to ability and achievement regardless of socail class or circumstances at birth.” I have always felt a deep affinity for connections with so many kinds of people.  Look around you, these are your brothers and sisters.  Each one of us wants to believe that the future is bright. Each one of wants to believe in a playing field where we can all use out talents to make a difference in this world.  And we want a leader who honors the same.  When there are those who act to only benefit their own bottom line without regard for the Constitution that sets out the formula for success, then we, as Americans, are responsible to hold those few accountable in honor of the fallen and their legacy and their dream.  For “We the People” are what makes the United States of America great and this should never be forgotten as we begin anew, women and men standing together as we all rise. Many lights shining together will push out the darkness.

Copyright – all Rights Reserved – Butterflies & Bliss, LLC 2016


“We the People”: the Birth of a Movement was originally published on Meg Nocero

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