My Year of Magical Thinking: Today is sponsored by the color YELLOW

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My Year of Magical Thinking: Today is sponsored by the color YELLOW

“Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you
And everything you do
Yeah they were all yellow.”                      

From Yellow, Lyrics and music by Coldplay

As a kid, I loved to watch Sesame Street.  At the end of the show, there was what could have been a public service announcement for kids setting forth that the show was sponsored by a number and a letter.  I always thought what a clever idea.  My focus after the show stayed with the “8” or the “C” if those happened to be chosen.  It made that particular number and letter feel special, something that I paid attention to, something that was supposed to add to my little world. And usually, it would show up over and over again.  While I did not know it then, I have since figured out that what I place my attention on will reoccur over and over in my life. It was a tool to help me really learn my numbers and letters as a child, and it is a tool to help me learn to live my life in a way that is filled with optimism.

As May is the month of awakening creativity on the journey to bliss, there is no better way to do so than referencing the beautiful palette of delightful colors we have before us.   As I woke this morning, all I thought about was the color yellow. How beautiful, bright, and bold it is.  Not only is it the favorite of my daughter, it just screams out happiness. How I want to see more beauty in my life, how I would like to shine so bright, and how I want to make choices boldly as I shift to a healthy and positive direction. Then I thought of that wonderful show, on that wonderful Sesame Street, surrounded by the greats led by the craziest Yellow and lovable Big Bird and I decided that today, this Monday, will be sponsored by the color YELLOW.

Of course, to understand better what Yellow symbolizes, a little research is always necessary.  As such, there is a vast array of information on the web that describes yellow as full of creative and intellectual energy.  Apparently, this is the reason that the experts recommend painting a child’s room yellow as it helps with the flow and at the same time inspires calm.

As well, Yellow traditionally symbolizes wisdom.  Apparently, studies have shown that people of high intellect favor yellow and the energy of yellow is beyond amazing and inspiring. It calls to mind a bright, sunny day just relaxing your cares away.  It also brings clarity, awareness and relief from burn-out, panic, nervousness and exhaustion

Furthermore, the experts say that yellow gemstones can promote the ability to express yourself as they are excellent for writers and public speakers to increase eloquence. Something to keep in mind if you are looking to express yourself and communicate better to your audience.

So apparently, if you need a boost to your spirit, grab a bright yellow article of clothing and see what happens.  If you need a boost of energy, grab a lemon and enjoy some hot tea.  If you need a little renewal, go stand in the warmth of the sun.  It may just be the fastest way to cheering yourself up as it can have an uplifting effect on yourself and others.  Using the color yellow in your surroundings may just be what you need to change things up if you are in a slump.

So where your focus goes, your day shall follow. It seems then, with all its positive and uplifting attributes, Yellow is a good color to start this week with. Especially where you may be looking to make positive changes in my own surroundings, let your intuition  surrounded by yellow guide you away from draining energy towards “yellow” energy in all areas of your life. This color may just be what the doctor ordered.  So I would like to thank the color Yellow in advance as I take this public service announcement and recognize that it is a good day for some YELLOW in my life. On this creative, wonderful Monday, what do you have to lose?


My Year of Magical Thinking: I feel Bombastic, even a little fantastic!


After two long weeks of mercury in retrograde, I am feeling my swagger once again. (Sometimes it is just easier to share some responsibility with something external, something big like planetary alignment for the recent chaos in my life!)

Yesterday marked the pinnacle of ego induced stress that has held me captive like a rope that only gets tighter as I try to pull away. Yesterday I found myself on my knees begging the universal divine to intervene so that I could get out of my own way once again. Yesterday I finally listened as my angels offered a trilogy of sage advice: Miracles are already here right before our eyes, it’s time to be open to receive and stop being afraid; Faith is the gift life offers as long as we connect with the inner knowing that the angels have planned something wonderful and better than anything that we can plan for ourselves; and Dreams are still vibrant as long as we lose the ego and start paying attention to the flow of the river, “Thy will not mine” coupled with a lot of “let that sh!t go!”

On my mission, my journey, the fire within can sometimes get out of control if not released in a healthy way. And, that fire that can catapult my life to great heights usually gets out of control when I get caught up in competition not cocreation. So as I realign with these new tools that are readily available to us all, Miracles, Faith and Dreams, I get to reignite a sense of wonder on my creative adventure that is sure to bring a sense of calm, peace, and love. And in that space, hope returns as I start to shrink the censor. The planets continue to move through the galaxy and I continue to move through my days. Some days moving effortlessly and gaining full strides and some days paddling with all my might to keep afloat. I am still in it and I am alive and feeling bombastic, confident as I exclaim to the universe and my ego, “No more Mr. Nice Guy- I am coming for ya!”


Ode to telling your story!


“I have a past, I just don’t live there anymore.”

When you tell your story, you get a chance to rewrite your script from an entirely new perspective. You get to write your story into something incredibly interesting if you dare!  You see I am mostly bored by the story that I have been telling myself for years.  It’s not an uplifting one or even inspirational- but the one that I am recreating now has me jumping out of bed with excitement. Makes me see my past as a launching point rather than as the final say.  It gets me interested in where I take this baby- and boy do I have places to go!  Even to the point that when the old tapes threaten to play on, I am stopped because I hear the sounds of beautiful music ahead of me with nothing behind it!

Yeah so my struggles may seem small- yeah I didn’t kill anyone for my aha- thank God. But still my soul has been slaughtered by words as a child and my gaping wounds are still healing. Each step forward is like ointment that when placed on my soul soothes the pain and there remains only a remnant barely visible scar. It makes me stronger as I salute those who tried to take me down by their own insecurities- a vibrant middle finger salute- my soul screaming to be heard just the way I was meant to be herd- a rawness catapulted by an anger that threatened to cover me up behind a wall where I used to hide- that was my old story- now instead with each pound of flesh  that falls from my limbs, i gain an internal strength that could lead a generation of empowered men and women who will change the world for the better! I am on fire and I don’t live in the past any longer- This is my story- this is OUR story! Meant to be so amazing- are you ready!!??!! That is the story of the butterfly!  Bam- drop the mike!

Color the world with creativity.


The secret to a happy life is to recognize that no matter what the situation, there’s a creative opportunity in it.

~Deepak Chopra, Indian-born American author, speaker, and alternative medicine advocate


With a brush in one hand and a palette of color in the other, set out to create a world that defies your limits. The canvas of life is laid out before you. Guide yourself each and every morning toward a place where you will have every possibility to let your imagination come alive. The tools in your artist’s box are waiting for you to sketch the life of your dreams, to fill in the gaps with details so exquisite they take your breath away, and to paint with bursts of color that make it all come to life. Every chance you get to color your world with creativity is a blessing for the whole. Just feel the creativity of your life course through your veins, seeking to be released in a grand show for all to see. Each artist’s journey is different. Each of you brings your own color to this world. Your contribution has great meaning and purpose as it brings happiness to those lucky enough to experience the beauty of your masterpiece. Be willing to share your gifts as you color the world with your own creativity. You will succeed in making the world brighter, which in turn will alleviate the heaviness of worry from your shoulders. In turn, the canvas you create with your inspired genius will carry all of us to a happier place! In essence, you are coloring the world with love.

Magical Key to Bliss: Make it your goal to take the opportunity to open your own artist’s toolbox and create with great abandon and happiness today and every day!


Dance, love, sing, and live life to the fullest!


You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,

Love like you’ll never be hurt,

Sing like there’s nobody listening,

And live like it’s heaven on earth.

~William W. Purkey, American author of Becoming an Invitational Leader


We are on this earth in this body for just a short time, no matter how you look at it. Even in the time given, we have the opportunity to dance, love, sing, and live life to the fullest for as long as we can. We have been born into this magical place to experience life. It does not matter who is watching or listening; we have a mission to unleash our soul. When we remember that we are on our own journey and in this moment exactly where we are meant to be, we can surrender to the fact that the present is perfection. On the front of Emile Zola’s book Nana (1880), he wrote, “If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud.” So don’t hide from the world, missing this chance to live out loud, dance, sing, and—most of all—love! The beautiful music of life plays and invites us to move to its beat. There is a beautiful song in our hearts that needs to come out. Tap into the source that provides endless and abundant energy, and let go. When we do, this place can be heaven on earth. Look up and start to see, feel, hear, and live in a world connected to the life that has been wonderfully laid out. The choice is ours anyway, and there is so much to gain by saying yes!

Magical Key to Bliss: Start loving what you’ve got, dance, love, sing, and live life to the fullest!


My Year of Magical Thinking: Why not?


You see things; and you say ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say ‘Why not?’

George Bernard Shaw

I am a dreamer. I believe possibility into my world. Opportunities come and go, so why not take action when it feels right. I have come to this world for a reason- we all have! While the answers may be unfolding right before our eyes as everyday occurrences, the reason to me becomes less important as I decide to live well my story. Why not? I want the experience to takes over the stage of my reality. It is the people, the actors, who share that stage with me that have made all the difference. It is the every changing twists and turns that have me stop to catch my breath, only to return for more.  My world vision is ever expanding, my eyes are open to see, my ears to hear, my heart to feel, yet I experience a sense of calm as balance takes over.

This last month truly was a transformation of my dreams into my reality. April showers of love nurtured the seeds that were planted so long ago.  Traveling to different places in search of magic, only to realize it is with me wherever I go. The journey has taken on new heights of wonder and it is all because of who I share it with at any given point in time. After I ventured off to Los Angeles on a whim, I reconciled this place in my life with my younger self. I am no longer yearning to go back in time to recapture what was. I am grateful to be where I am, right now for all that I have learned and ever so much more excited for where I am going.  As I watched my own daughter dance with abandon with a confidence that I never mastered so young, I know that I am teaching this beautiful spirit well.  As I see the compassionate young boy growing right before my eyes into a man, I feel compelled to be present for him in a way that will help him through the awkward years.  As I feel grateful for the partner that I chose who now joins me as we both create a beautiful environment for our dreams to see the light, I know the walls of resentment can no longer hold firm.  As I engage in an incredible creative debut of something that means the world to me- art coming alive-music reaching souls-senses heightened by scents- I feel a part of a creative something so much bigger than myself. As I celebrate with my sisters the legacy of my mother, as I face the fears of life surrounded by love with my father, as I turn towards my new companions with a joy that can only come from awareness of this crazy awesome life,  every why? turns into a why not?

I see things that others do not see. I am a dreamer. Perhaps you do too! I believe possibility into my world. Perhaps you should as well. I may not know how the play will end, but I do know that as long as there is breath in my lungs and blood flowing through my veins, I welcome the opportunity to bring my magic into everything I do- first believing in the why nots that will surely take me through! And as May starts, awakening creativity certainly is an incredible way to go for it- with all of nature conspiring as a backdrop in bloom, I say to the world once again thank you for this opportunity to discover and “Why not?” What do I have to lose- no regrets!!

Come alive before the world.


I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.

~Laura Ingalls Wilder, American writer and author of the Little House on the Prairie books

When you are present in the moment, you get to witness the simple things that make the experience of living worthwhile. Each event in life offers an opportunity to learn, heal, grow, transform, and rejoice. Each sweet, simple thing that you encounter adds to your big, beautiful, bold, awesome, and amazing life. Embrace this gift without fail. Take in those moments of wonder as you actively enroll and engage as a student of love. For the sweet, simple things of life are what it is all about. They are waiting for you in plain sight, begging for you to come alive. As simple and obvious as a hug, a smile, or an interaction that bolsters your confidence, each one drifts in and out of your life, as real as can be. Each thing is ready to teach you well that life is all about love. As you go out into the world, understand that your lesson plan becomes your everyday simple occurrences. Every opportunity is an experiment in the humanities, giving you a chance to share your joy and vulnerability. Every moment is as real as you make it. As you find the connections to your soul, wake up to your moments, and they will transform you ever so beautifully. As you become alive right before the world, rejoice; this is really just the beginning.

Magical Key to Bliss: Take a deep breath now as you allow and surrender to love in its truest and simplest form.

It’s time for your dreams to take flight.


If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

~Henry David Thoreau, American author, poet, philosopher, and transcendentalist

In this season, you are ready to graduate from one point in your life to another. You are always moving upward on the ladder, ascending gloriously as you take on the next step or stage in your evolution. As you advance confidently, truly consider with conscious awareness what your new phase will look like. Ask yourself what you have prepared for thus far. Contemplate the life that you have always imagined, and get clear as to how you will welcome it. As you prepare your own commencement speech, look back and treasure the work, the sacrifice, and the enthusiasm you have invested to get to this point. Be grateful for the opportunity to surrender your past story, and confidently embrace the present moment and all that it has to offer. This is truly the beginning of your dreams taking flight. As Thoreau points out, only when you are confident in all of your possibilities and what you have accomplished will you be able to transform the ordinary into what is your extraordinary. Only then will you meet with a success that is yours to discover. With your imaginary cap and gown, accept your diploma with grace, and get ready to believe that now is the time for rebirthing a new beginning. Get ready to fly!

Magical Key to Bliss: Get creative and make a diploma setting out your triumphs over obstacles and your accomplishments. Display it proudly, and get ready for the next act.

Boldness, be my friend!


Boldness, be my friend.

~William Shakespeare, English poet, playwright, and actor


Boldness is magical. Boldness is adventurous. Boldness will set you free. If you make boldness your friend, you will begin to imitate that fearless and daring spirit that encourages you to stop talking about doing the things that call to you and just do them. Begin today; begin now. Don’t wait for permission to go after your dreams. Make a plan, set a strategy, embrace your vision, and move into it. Things that are created by your very powerful mind need to be set into motion to become a reality. Don’t let the beauty of your dreams fade away. Do not let the fear of failure stop you. Do dare to be brave. Do dare to be confident. Make boldness your friend; it is your time to act. If your intentions are good and pure, then the outcome will bring you closer to your own personal genius. With boldness, whatever you do will guide you through life with great purpose while serving the greater good. Take a deep breath, or whatever you need, to free yourself from insecurity and stand out prominently. No longer remain stuck in indecision due to insecurity. No longer permit obstacles to stop you in your tracks. With an audacious air, allow your genius to take flight. It takes guts to be bold, and rest assured that when you embrace the magic inside of you, you will know that you have what it takes! Watch out, world, here you come!

Magical Key to Bliss: Gather all the courage you can muster, and do the thing that calls to you!


April 19: Run quickly so you can fly.


Run, my dear,

From anything

That may not strengthen

Your precious budding wings.

~Hafiz, fourteenth-century Persian poet, excerpt from “Run My Dear”

There is so much power in the symbolism of the butterfly. There are miraculous stages that the butterfly must go through to achieve such beauty and effortless grace. There is incredible evidence of metamorphoses as we watch the butterfly accept the changes that nature brings. The butterfly is the ultimate symbol of a soul that is expanding as it undergoes growing pains. We can follow the example of the butterfly as we experience our own magnificent transformation. We can support our journey by visualizing our beautiful wings getting stronger and stronger. We can come into contact with others while protecting this growth. We can become instinctively aware of our surroundings and keep the faith that all is unfolding as it should. As we blossom, there is a magical sense of purpose through expansion. As we embody self-love and prepare to fly, using the unfurling glory of the butterfly as an example, we quickly learn to run from anything that does not strengthen our confidence and toward those things that assist the development of our budding wings. And as we learn and grow into our own beauty, soon we shall fly!

Magical Key to Bliss: Pay attention to conversations today, and lean toward those that strengthen you.


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