Together We Shine Brighter- the Collaboration Will Save Us- May I Help You?

“Good leaders are scarce because the majority of people are followers. Let’s stop thinking and acting like helpless victims, rise up, and become leaders.”  James Allen

On Sunday, I participated as a Love Button Ambassador with Thumbs Up as a part of #10daysofconnections with Radical Partners at a screening at Coral Gables Cinema of the documentary called May I Help You?. The Radical Partner’s (The Children’s Trust, MCCJ, The Miami Foundation, The United Way and The Miami Herald)  10 Days of Connections campaign challenges everyone to step out of their comfort zones and connect with people who are not like them, in whatever way they are ready.  Over the course of 10 days, over 100 organizations join together to co-host this initiative, offering dozens of opportunities to increase connectivity across lines of differences. Go to for more info.  Essentially, it challenges us all to become leaders in our community by getting out of our own way and moving outside our comfort zones to look for ways to collaborate with other dreamers and great thinkers.

And I, representing the Love Button, a symbol of the power of love to ignite a global conversation in healing our world, set out to connect with Thumbs Up and had the distinct pleasure to meet Kerry Gruson, Ricardo Cookson and her team. Kerry, who in 1974, as a 26-year-old cub reporter, was interviewing a former Green Beret about his Vietnam War days. In a PTSD flashback, he was convinced she was a member of the Viet Cong, attempted to strangle her and left her for dead in her Wakiki hotel room. The attack left her unable to move her legs, limited her arm movement, rendered her voice whisperlike and cocked her head permanently to one side — the result of oxygen deprivation to the brain. Amazingly, the attack left her intellect intact. She went on to become a New York Times writer — and with the help of her mother, Flora Lewis, the famed New York Times columnist, wrote a piece about the incident in the Sunday Times magazine.

To escape the cold, she moved to Miami in 1976 where she met Cristina Ramirez–and the seeds of Thumbs Up International were planted. The Documentary May I Help You? by Julio Mendez was 20 minutes of pure inspiration. As Kerry stated at the end in the Q&A, “It was step by step that her mission and vision came together.” As a leader, with her endurance to push past her limitations and challenges, she points out that each of us has different abilities, different dreams and different destinations, yet we all have the power to make a new tomorrow at anytime. Cristina and Kerry’s non profit focuses on pairing athletes across all abilities to race in triathlons, marathons, and Iron Man. It seeks to educate young people on the importance of fitness, inclusivity and teamwork, a mission that is so important and timely.

And herein lies the message that I received, passing it along to all the would be leaders out there reading this!

The Dreamers are the Redeemers of our World!!! Kerry is a Dreamer and a Visionary, but it took her connection with Cristina to give the dream wings. It takes connections, by all of us collaborating, to make many of the greatest dreams today a reality.

I am a Dreamer and Visionary. I had a dream to walk El Camino de Santiago. It took my connection with Heidi Siefkas, a consummate adventure traveler to make it happen. It took a group of 17 who said yes to see it through, and it took the inspiration and love of each person along the way and a love button to give me the impetus to get to the lighthouse at the end of the journey where I found great peace.

You are also a Dreamer and Visionary. In life there are so many possibilities. So much that we can all do when we work together. It is in the collaboration based and founded in love that will save us all. First, we must ask for help. Believe that our dreams are possible. And Receive what it is that we need to make it a reality.  And in turn, it is certain that we all can be leaders who make a difference in our corner of the world.  Kerry has many challenges but she certainly is not a helpless victim. Just meeting all of those in her corner as they set out to change the world one race at a time, one person at a time, step by step, you cannot help but be inspired to become a leader in your own rite and seek out a team of your own!

It was a magical day of connecting the Love Button’s vision with a huge Thumbs Up! and I would encourage each one of you to take a look at the documentary below and see for yourself what magic lies in moving outside your comfort zone! Also, on Monday, May 14th at 8pm Est, join me for a Facebook Live on Awakening Creativity on the Road to Santiago. You’ll soon be inspired to gather your own creative team together to make your dreams a reality if you do! – May I Help You?

Also a video made by Cristina Ramirez’s 12 year old son about racing with Kerry- sure to make you smile!



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The Dreaded Question: What’s Next?

“Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be.” Sonia Ricotti
Omg-the dreaded question escaped the lips of a well intentioned friend and mentor. I knew it was coming, I just was too tired to face it. I did not know if it would empower me, inspire me or just break me after all the energy I put out already. Just two simple words, yet they packed a big punch. And once released, the twang of those one syllable combination of daggers reverberated in my ear right before they struck me in the gut, simply put: What’s next? And all I could think was no more – let me enjoy the magic of it all. Bam 💥 I found it – now I have to allow myself this unique moment in time to enjoy what I have wonderfully earned. Magic magical magician of life, you are with me – you are me! I found you to deliver me when I needed you most. Choose a magical word now of gratitude, love, possibility that will be the answer to my prayers and save me from having to keep going while I too need to process what just happened. Am I changed yet? Am I different? Does my soul glow from the inside out? Will others allow me to play with this feeling or are they waiting to see what you do next? Then, yes then it dawns on even me – I too am curious to know how my life will be. With this effortless magic -surrendering the plotting to shift to the enjoying as life unfolds trusting the magic therein. It’s uncanny – El Camino continues – it always will -the seeds of faith that have taken me here and continue to grow as my intentions become stronger will never cease. I see you and your energy even before you enter a room. What I do next depends on this knowing! So ask me how El Camino unleashed more of my magic butterflies – what’s next will surely benefit the many as we collaborate to raise this love revolution to the next level! And the reality is as long as I stay in the magic – what’s next will just be! #pauseandlove #magical #guide #bliss


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Transformative April-Before you go on COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!

This little guide has taken me on the biggest adventures. What a gift! How blessed I am! The transformation happens when you are ready to let go. Let go of what no longer serves you, to leave room for the magic that is waiting for you.

I count my blessings everyday.

For my family. For my friends. For all those little things in life that are truly the big things.

I am so lucky and so blessed. Last Day of the month of Transforming Dreams into Reality- I am so incredibly thankful and take this opportunity to say my favorite prayer of all time. . .

Attitude of Gratitude, What am I thankful for….

Coming alive and falling madly in love with my life again showing up as authentically ME!



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El Camino de Amore 2018-the Road of Love

El Camino de Amore
Who am I? Just another soul walking on this road.
Who am I? Doing my best to bring a little more love and find a story to be told.
Who am I? Looking to you my friend for the key to be free.
Who am I?
Taking back my power to show up authentically.
Who am I ? To each of us as we find the other as we roam.
Who am I?
eternally grateful to each one of you for each day you are walking me home!
Who am I?
I am magical, I am passion, I am all I am meant to be.
Who am I?
I am the road, El Camino, for now you are all a part of me!
For when I let go, I remind my feet that they were not here to suffer but to dance, the pain went away and with Love, El Amore, peace was finally given a chance!
Love wins!Es un Buen Camino

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Meg’s El Camino Diaries: Butterfly You ARE More Ready Than You Know

“They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. He that goes forth and weeps, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.” Psalm 126:5-6

For the last 7 years of my life, I have undergone a transformational shift much like what the world is facing at this very important time in history. With all these people coming alive for the first time, this is a world now pregnant with possibility. It is an awakening of sorts that calls for celebration of our differences, collaboration of our talents, a call for justice where there is suffering, and most of all love to heal the wounds so that we can all move forward together.

And for the last 8 months of this 7 years, I have committed to what can be metaphorically compared to a “creative pregnancy”.  Set out with an intention to give birth to something that is bigger than I am. Leaving the known with a faith that has been challenged at times by fear.  Believing that this journey will take me in the direction of purpose and calling. And, hoping that as I give in to the changes that come with this very important gestation period, through love of creation, I become more authentically Me and invite others to do the same.

For the last month, I am nesting to a certain extent. Preparing my heart and home for what is coming next, feeling the pain of the change in my body, terrified and excited all at once, yet wondering with anticipation and enthusiasm what something wonderful will come as a result of saying yes, when it would have been easier to say no.

Ahhh, all the tears that have been shed on the fertile ground where seeds of hope and change have been planted. Still seeing her face, my mother looking down on me, her child with a heart full of love and protection at the same time pushing me on. With my mentor encouraging me to leave the toxicity behind as I cathartically write my way through kneeling at the PEW so that the spirit can cleanse my cup of life and fill it with possibility to the point where clarity comes a bit easier. Angels appearing through many different doors, clearing a path where we walk together, a celebration close at hand, where many come together to see what we have done. This painful growing process has its purpose too. One where we can shed the past pain body to evolve into the beauty of who we are more meant to be.

I, we, cannot stop now. Breathe, we stand together, the circle of love widening each and every day until we hold that precious new creation based in love in our hearts and souls, realized on Earth, protecting it to an extent, but letting it go so that it can reap joy that is shared by a multitude across the planet. And with that the angels guide my path in final preparation for El Camino, I, we are more ready than we know.



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A Secret to a Balanced Life: Begin to Acknowledge & Validate Yourself!

“The highest pleasure is to know that through my own transformation I transform the world.”

Marc Gafni

I have walked the last 7 years of my life seeking out my purpose here on Earth. Ever since my mother took her last breath, I have been looking for “that” reason to live in the face of “this” knowing of our limited time here and the certainty of death. Yes, this is my truth. I live this journey filled with life, with joy, with exuberant ecstasy, yet there are times I am consumed with the darkness, the pain, the deep sorrow this world presents to me.

Many who live life differently will never understand this journey I have chosen to take. They wonder mostly how I could get lost in this “analysis paralysis” when life should merely be lived. But that is not the way I was made.  And having lost someone who gave my life meaning and joined me in that search,  it has not been an easy 7 years searching out others who could travel with me on this path for I am most certain that we are not meant to walk this journey alone. We need others to ride not just the highs, but especially the lows.

In one month, it will mark the 7th anniversary of my mother’s crossing over and having reflected on this, there has not been another event in my life that has affected me more.  I have been looking for so long for my “Why” and that balance that will allow me to slow down to find the universal secret that will allow me to  experience the pain in this world with the joy it offers. And here I lay, 3 days of excruciating left sided back pain, emotional as well as physical, because pushing my feelings down has resulted in a physical explosion of pain where tears have been my only release and relief.  The current toxic state of affairs in this country, a toxic leadership, the anger, the voices of the youth calling for change arising from the tragedy of the Parkland 17, my own personal circumstances, balanced against a calling for more love, the joy I experience with new amazing connections, my beautiful children as they experience life, kindness, an awakening in our conscious evolution. No wonder there is an epidemic for so long of a numbing of society- it is very difficult to take.

While I have taken steps to better balance my life, to heal, to thrive, I am still in a place where I am forced to acknowledge how terrified I am at the uncertainty of my future. Financial concerns, relationship challenges, in the face of this how normal and understandable it is to feel this way. An excruciating physical pain that emerges from the emotional.  This is a moment of time where I am offered the opportunity to speak to my pain, listen to the answers so that it can be validated for the positive. Instead of ignoring it, I get curious. Why are you here-visiting? What are you here to teach me still? Why now? Where am I being pulled in my femininity? In my sexuality? In my humanity? The beauty of acknowledging and validating on this journey- not frightened by the questions, but ready for the enlightenment as the answers come. And in some way, I am still nursing my inner child back to health after the loss of my greatest role model. Welcoming new connections as they appear of the other awakened soul who choose to face their whole person, not to be worried by it, but congratulated for making that powerful step to live a more balanced, healthy life releasing the pain with gratitude for it showing up. The highest pleasure is to know that through my own transformation I can help transform the world.



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I am Done Being Comfortably Numb!

“Fortune and love favor the brave.” Ovid

We are not here to be comfortably numb. This is not why we have showed up at this time or this place in this world. A life so constrained by judgments or mores, we, I, cannot do that anymore!

Adventure I seek to shake the doldrums of life. If that means stepping out of my comfort zone for one moment, one hour, one season, I shall find what I seek because all the answers reside within. Wake up to that truth. Wake up to the belief that this body is the vessel, the beautiful perfect vessel whose energy attracts me to you, whose energy is the invitation to what I most truly want or desire, whose energy will bring me what I am willing and consciously setting out to attract. The new journey has begun. I walk one foot in front of the other, one mile by mile, and one memory to the next. Awake, alive, aroused- the world permeates my very being allowing my soul to blossom and along with it the dream that was born in me long ago.

I refuse to believe that the child within me is gone. I stand up against the notion that the dream has dissipated with that celestial body. I will not remain comfortably numb. That is not why I am here. That is not why I have shown up at this time or this place in this world. My life is no longer constrained by judgments or mores, it is love that I ultimately serve- for that I move on and out of the invisible cage doors- opening up my world to a new beginning each morning when I open my eyes to life. For fortune and love favor the brave, I am not numb, yes I choose to be brave!


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Manifest the Gifts that Arise from Love during Periods of Growth-Don’t Quit Before the Miracles Happen-Keep the Faith!

” I know that persistence is the path to faith and the realization of my desire.  Just as surely as the laws of gravity works every time the principle is applied, I know that the laws of manifestation are equally immutable. Therefore, I remain as consistent as I can possibly be in the thought and action, letting negative energy and fear pass through me as my manifestation draws closer and becomes imminent.”

Dr. Habib Sadeghi, The Clarity Cleanse

Creating your own reality through the manifestation process is so incredibly powerful. I have been the beneficiary of this consciousness.  I know that manifestation of your dreams or your own magic must be coupled with a willingness to surrender to the universe or divine so that the life you love and desire can come to light. Sometimes, the manifestation process also contemplates periods of profound darkness as well. All opportunities to learn the life lessons that empower positive change and growth. From the wound, we have the opportunity to heal in such a major way that can course correct our world to greater light and enlightenment. It is during the darkest times that provide the fertile ground for periods of growth as we challenge ourselves to grab on to our inner light and share it with others. Persistence is the key. A never quit attitude is what sustains us. And faith defined as trust and loyalty invested in love will bring us home to where we want to be once again. It is a journey. The ebbs and flows, the ups and downs, the highs and lows- all a part of the life process. Just as surely as the onset of pain, there are gifts that can come from the chance to recalibrate and reset to arrive to a more loving place. I have not been able to sit down with these thoughts because the pain of growth can be too much, but with the release, negative energy does eventually pass through me as my manifestation of the beauty in this world draws closer and closer. Finally arriving to a place where I can feel whole once again where the miracles lie. Don’t quit before the miracles happen. Consistently keep the faith!


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Without Love to Heal US….

“We must discover the power of love, the power, the redemptive power of love. And when we discover that we will be able to make of this old world a new world. We will be able to make men better. Love is the only way.”  Martin Luther King Jr.

Stop for one second-just take a deep breath!

So many lost lives, so much senseless death-

Tears overwhelm me, the reality so difficult to see-

What choices do we have, what direction to set our souls free?

Action, yes action-accountability,

But without love to heal us, there will still be misery.

Many at this time, awake to a new reality.

But without love to heal us, who will we be?

Will this moment in time just be, the moment where we finally all see?

But without love to heal us, anger kills possibility.

Look to the right and the left, connections waiting for you and me.

But without love to heal us, we fail to trust and miss the synchrony.

Youngest of us, it is your time, we pass the mantle and support you as you more than plea,

But please do not forget to come from a place of love to heal all of us, let it guide the mission, vision and your new symphony.




Without Love to Heal US…. was originally published on Meg Nocero

Don’t Forget to Schedule Time to Chase Butterflies!

“Nobody can break your heart. They can break your expectations. When they break your expectations, you will eventually surrender and move closer to your heart.” Kyle Cease

Navigating this world seems to be a bit overwhelming these days.

It seems like this is a moment in history where emotions from the right and the left are running at an all time high. Remember no one can break your heart. Feeling called to do something to make this a better world, it’s non-action that will one day fill you with regret if you don’t try.

Inspiration comes from many places. I am reminded to be aware even when my mind races. Knowing full well that we will all at one point be held to stand the trial of time, I can’t let expectations unfulfilled stop me without reason or rhyme.

As I make decisions as to the direction to climb, I engage a mindful practice to embrace those choices of mine. And yes, now more than ever, schedule some time, to chase those butterflies to bring to life that beautiful vision of mine.

For my friends, look up to the sky, there they are, they need no permission to fly. They have no limits, so why should I?! Let yourself go, the time is nigh. Embrace your own mantra, use your imagination, surrender to love and close your eyes.

See clearly that life of yours as you are ready to shine. Elevate your spirit and hope, allow your imagination and insights to get into line! New energy infiltrates as you transform and move closer to your heart space, surrender and fly. Chase away and fly butterflies fly!


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