Ode to my son!

  • I will not stand by and watch things of hate just unfold-
  • you were born from glory and that story will be told.
  • To sit on a throne and look down throwing gold,
  • will do none of us good for our souls won’t be sold.
  • Instead I rise up for justice with others who are bold,
  • And speak truth to wrongs, we will not be so trolled.
  • And my wish for you child as you grow to be old,
  • Never take for granted your blessings in life,
  • For others gave theirs for love to take hold.

(my mother always would say “You fight evil with good”  this poem was written after discussion with my son as to why I choose to speak up and do something for good in light of the state of current affairs in this country)


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Butterflies, Blessings, and Bliss!


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Ode to my son! was originally published on Meg Nocero

Will I recognize you?

“Through pride we are ever deceiving ourselves. But deep down below the surface of the average conscience a still, small voice says to us. “Something is out of tune.” Carl Jung

In a world that is desperate for more love, why have I lost your flow.  Your energy will precede you, even if you are clothed differently, this I know.  From Heaven above, we descended below, dressed in a magic that would only grow.

Kissed with a fragrance that permeates the air, never ever thinking that anything but love would reside there.  Time after time, can it be true. Desperation arises from not finding you. The days, they pass on slow. Separated by an illusion that changed all of us so.  Something is out of tune, the world how it spins. To get back to center, your magic must set in.  Lessons to be learned, this journey from highs to lows.  Finding each other through a pure heart kind of love, is what we will know.

And year after year, pride taking control. My ego and its needs, yet missing you so. I remember you well, hatred will not win. In each of your faces, those eyes we look in. You look weary and worn, yet your spirit shining through. Still staying tight to the belief, deception won’t keep hold of you. Join me, oh would you please, through love tried and true. Put down your weapons, your words don’t fit you.

I wave through the veil, for I do recognize my dear; all hatred falls away, it cannot stand the energy so beautiful and new music to hear. We find where we connect, we will come back to this place. I recognize you my love, my friend. Love, you cannot erase!


Will I recognize you? was originally published on Meg Nocero

What’s Your Empowering Word?

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.” J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Challenged. It seems like we live in challenging times. I suppose as long as we have had the opportunity to rejoice in the human condition, we have always lived in challenging times. We have come so far in our evolution. Some may even be bold enough to suggest that there is a period of awakening unfolding before our eyes. We are offered words and images at such a fast pace, it is challenging to sort through it all and focus on what we allow in and what we keep out. The human brain is fascinating. What we put into it, we will get. So if we get intentional and protective over our beautiful minds, then we can choose to empower ourselves with words and images that will have our spirits flying with the power of good in all we do.  If you doubt that, then you may never feel the wind under your wings. So what is your EMPOWERING word today? What will you use to help you soar? Love, Amazing, Shine, Confidence, Grace, Persistence, Magical even. You choose and set it in stone and there is no telling what beauty you will bring about. And this is especially necessary to be the positive change in challenging times.


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Butterflies, Blessings, and Bliss!


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What’s Your Empowering Word? was originally published on Meg Nocero

Amazing Day!

“When you show up thinking that the world is amazing, the more amazing the world becomes.” Nina Vivenzio

There she is, a beauty to behold, rising with a sun that looks as if its spun gold.  Astonishing and impressive this life that we hold. With magic and miracles that while lived must be told. Service to this end, a message sent out to a world in whispers. This causing quite a stir. When aligned with its intended, you just feel the energy whir.  For the desire to build an amazing world becomes the passionate goal, to believe in it invites more evidence that it exists.  Stand strong against conformity, be courageous to the boldness within.  For it is your pure light shooting across the world now, one by one winning over willing champions to further your endeavor. Love light peace, ask them to join you, you must ask, for you will not be carried to your destination alone.  There is a knowing that help is yours and on its way.  And for this you will show up authentically every time! Never have a doubt that what you see amongst you is amazing, a wonder to behold. Close your eyes if you need to see. Start your new life there.  Use your imagination and your dreams begin to unfold. Approach every experience in this new frame of mind, attitude change and an awareness that the world around you is bursting with opportunity. Assume the greatest for yourself and move forward accordingly.  Use your imagination to inspire a visual that you are living the amazing life-and the world becomes what you see in your mind’s eye,  something wonderful happening on this fine day!


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Amazing Day! was originally published on Meg Nocero

Release the pain from the pages of the past!

“In total surrender of the ego, the transformation of our vibration unfolds by itself, to levels far beyond our imagination.” Annette Duveroth

Last night, before I turned in from a busy day of my new wonderful reality, I sat down with my journal, the place where I have memorialized my thoughts for the past 6 months. Out of curiosity, I opened to the first page and began to read as if I were the observer looking from afar at this person who by her own words documented her pain of disappointment, hopelessness, feelings of being less than and never enough. All left on the page, naked and vulnerable, as I read this as if for the first time, the heaviness of my life overcame me and compassion set in.  Compassion for the precious, vulnerable woman who struggled between her ego’s desire to be validated by others in a place that never aligned with her spirit and her wish to  break free from fear and liberate herself to step again into the magic that does.

Tears formed at the corner of my eye, it was even difficult to read the battle within that went on almost on a daily basis sprinkled with positive tomes that I know were responsible for forward momentum.  Challenged by not showing her weakness to the world for fear that it would swallow her up, the ego was badly bruised and battered making it difficult to get up again each step she figuratively fell. But she did, I did!

After I closed my journal feeling sleepy and sorrowful, I was grateful. I found my gratitude for that day and here is the message that resonated in my heart. Because I never gave up on the dream of what life could be, the magic already happened, why was I allowing my ego to convince me that it never did? All our lives, we strive to achieve, the if… then conundrum. If I get the recognition I desire, then I will be at peace.  But the reality is, I already have everything I need, everything I ever wanted- all the wishes in my heart fulfilled, no external source need to say it is so. Now, by releasing the pain from the pages of my past and in gratitude give thanks for the wisdom provided, there is a transformation of self, a surrender into the vibration of a magical world just waiting to be known, a new awakened consciousness.  Release of the never ending struggle, replaced by the notion that God has already provided that which we are open to receive.  And, the magic is in the aha that the next chapter and its pages will be filled with the beauty that comes from stepping into the something wonderful and out of a past that no longer serves you.

Happily I closed my eyes to rest, knowing full well that when I opened my eyes in the morning hours, I would be ready for life living from a place of possibility! Even if I stumble, this knowledge I know will  lift me to higher levels beyond my imagination as long as I trust the process and know faithfully that the journey will lead me to where I need to go.



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Release the pain from the pages of the past! was originally published on Meg Nocero

Magic Under The Moon, Let It Flow!

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”  Anton Chekhov

I woke up on Monday with the idea to write my intentions in the sand like I have every August full moon since 2014.  Usually I make a weekend out of it and travel to the most beautiful beach house on New Smyrna Beach. This year with all the change going on in my life, staying close to home was necessary. And embracing a flexibility in the unfolding, having no set plan, I sent out a quick note to my butterflies to see if anyone was interested in joining me.

The most beautiful thing about sending out messages into the universe, you never know how it will respond. I have long since held firm to the precise vision and allowed God to take over, and something wonderful always follows suit. And, that is exactly what happened on Monday night.

I reconnected with my magical connector on Friday night at my farewell happy hour celebration. I was thinking about her all Monday morning and these are my words that came to light which I shared with her in the early hours of that day:

“There is not just one star in the heavens, there are many. Each taking their rightful place in the universe. And in constant collaboration, none competing with the other, they light up the sky brilliantly shining magnificence down on all who are willing to wake up, see and join in.”

Her response to this text was quite simply an invitation: Going to set intentions tonight with the full moon with some ladies, want to come? We have not planned anything-it’s kind of organic, probably at Key Biscayne, will let you know more. Then she sent me this full moon mantra:

I am moving forward toward my highest and greatest good, I am releasing everything that no longer serves me and embracing my ever-evolving journey!

Yes, yes, yes. Pay attention, I lead and I follow.

And a group of us walked out on to the beach on the most beautiful night. All open to receive the bliss and magic of the moon. As we stepped out on to the stand, others with similar intentions were lined up on the water line, holding hands and in gratitude, singing and chanting the most miraculous song under the light of the moon.

We sat together on blankets in a makeshift circle, surrounded by the smell of gardenias and sage and proceeded to release what would hold us back only to embrace the beauty of our life that was manifesting in that very moment. And each one of us showed up with a story to tell. Sharing our brokenness, filled up fully with the hope of light that has invaded our souls.  All showing up to the inspiration of the present moment, rejoicing in the opportunity to be together on this beautiful night. Yes, the moon was shining for all to see on that Monday August night, authentically, with clarity and with purpose. But in those few hours, the gift I was given, the answer I received, was a vision of the magic of its light reflecting off and flowing from each one out on to me. Each one of us collaborating from a place of love, to experience the richness that is life and the glint of light on our broken glass! Each one of us a star in the heavens shining brightly together.  Perfect timing as I AM a storyteller ready to write the next chapter.


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Magic Under The Moon, Let It Flow! was originally published on Meg Nocero

So I quit, now what? The next chapter unfolds.

“There is always so much ahead, and it is so clearly seen. . .”

Dorothea Brande

A final glance around the room taking in the love gained from years of serving together.  One last opportunity to express my gratitude for their part on my journey thus far. One last sentiment of profound appreciation for the honor and privilege to see this dream unfold. One last smile acknowledging the lessons learned and the friendships made. And when I shut the door one last time to Rm, 256, my corner office since 2003, I breathed deeply and took in that momentous occasion, knowing full well that a chapter of my story had ended and another was just beginning.

Having chosen courage over fear, my next step was to a chart a course that aligned with my own imagination of what is possible for me.  The evolution from worrier to warrior has begun with the intention to bring others along with me.  I’ve already written this part of my magical story, a lifetime in the unfolding.  I have already seen what happens next, and it was too good to pass up by staying in the safety and security of what I have known.  There is so much ahead, and as long as I maintain a belief in myself coupled with an uncanny curiosity to what comes next what an adventure it will be.  So many have asked me, what are my plans. And in response, with my blueprint to guide my way, I can only say it is time to wake up and live and act as if it were impossible to fail, whatever unfolds before me.

The door now shut behind me, I took in that last moment on a steamy August 4th afternoon.  As I held back tears, overwhelmed with emotion, my friend calls out to me, “don’t be late for your own celebration!” I did it. I made the decision to move forward. And the support in response will propel me to great heights. I look at my name plate one last time knowing that the next week a new occupant would take over the space that was too small for me. The butterfly has burst out from the cocoon and I am free. I am free to live my “meg”nificence knowing that faith and surrender will always be . If you are curious, I too cannot wait to see! The unfolding of my story in this book of life that was written just for me.  You too can turn the page, for this present moment is a magical place to be.


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Butterflies, Blessings, and Bliss!


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So I quit, now what? The next chapter unfolds. was originally published on Meg Nocero

I got the “Golden Ticket”!

The best laid plans are the ones that make you blissfully happy…. Meg Nocero, author of The Magical Guide to Bliss

I never wanted to leave. In fact, in May of 1999, when I walked into that old dilapidated building we lovingly(?) referred to as 79th Street, walked out onto the 11th floor, introduced myself to the receptionist, sat in the chair by the elevator door and waited, I was bubbling over with excitement internally, yet controlled externally as I held a big toothy grin that I was waiting to share with anyone who passed me by.  I truly felt like I won the “Golden ticket” of legal jobs, I got my chance to work for the Federal government as an attorney. For years and years, I listened to the stories of my Italian American grandfather who served in the U.S. Congress for NY in the 60s, even handling immigration legislation on the Hill. He was always bigger than life to me, photos of him and JFK, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Sophia Loren always greeted us when we entered his home. I used to stare at them from the favorite evergreen fuzzy, spinning chair in my grandmother’s kitchen, thinking how incredibly awesome it was that a member of my family had been able to serve with such distinction.  It just amazed me. Big shoes to fill.

While I was always encouraged to study hard, growing up I don’t remember anyone ever thinking much about me as a student.  Silliness really.  I, on the other hand, thought I could be good at anything, especially in areas of creative exploration.  I adored spending hours and hours happily constructing stories around the worlds that I built for my dolls who kept me company after coming home from school.  I guess that did not matter because I gave others the power to measure my success from the beginning, I thought that the unfolding of my potential was always in someone else’s hands.

But I loved to learn, that was the crazy thing about it all.  I was so incredibly visual. Words danced for me off the pages through pictures that I conjured up in my head. My imagination would take flight every time I learned something new.  It took me longer than most to complete assignments because I analyzed everything that I took in. Critical thinking was more important to me than getting the work done. But, this was seen as lazy because I did not get things done, and laziness is a failure of sorts.  And I was paralyzed by the fear of failing, so I just got by and in that way I could not fail.  But my stories of “Hello Fellow”, drawing for hours and hours of the worlds I wanted to see and spending my days dressing my dolls up in beautiful dresses that I made from stolen pillow cases or whatever I could find acting out the scenes,  this is what I loved and their I excelled because I was happy, even if no one knew it.

Until day by day, month by month, year by year, my need for approval from others took over, and I slowly packed away my creativity, ultimately to find myself looking for a profession that would do what was hoped for, make me a responsible person where I could pay my bills.  And over time, the “Golden Ticket” was traded in for “Golden Handcuffs”.

And instead of being forgotten, instead of falling through the rabbit hole to a place of hopelessness, along the way, because of experiencing loss and grief, I started to resurrect the person I was meant to be, the writer, the creative, the dreamer. Until finally in June,  enough happened to where I got up the nerve, the guts, to resign from that very place so that I could break out of a pattern that would never allow for me to be simply happy without having to prove myself worthy. To a place where I can just be me, and that’s ok. Fearless? Oh dear God -a resounding no. But a woman of wonder once again, yes!

Such a very interesting intricate and simple puzzle life can be. Patterns playing out over and over again until that very moment when you make a choice that gives you a chance to end the repetitive “ground hog daze” of life. Until you get to a place, and decide you are the one who will find you. Until you get to the place where you decide it is time to make decisions using your heart. Until you get to a place where you follow your bliss, and finally allow the universe to conspire in your favor.

On the outside, we all may just be specks on this great planet that travels through the universe, but on the inside, there is so much possibility. Signs are all around, big ones and small ones- and this morning while looking out the window of my hotel room, right outside, there was a huge sign reminding me that I once again won the “Golden ticket”, this time one where I get to renew my old dreams.  Now with that, go out and look for the opportunities and allow the universe to conspire in my favor.  And at  his time in my life, the measure of success will be me happy doing what I love to do not for anyone else’s approval but simply because I love doing it and it makes me come alive. So, write because you love to write, sing because you love to sing, dance because you love to dance and be a lawyer, doctor, anything because you love it. And how sweet that will be!

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I got the “Golden Ticket”! was originally published on Meg Nocero

Don’t postpone joy for the future!


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Butterflies, Blessings, and Bliss!


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Don’t postpone joy for the future! was originally published on Meg Nocero

Final Mission Statement: I QUIT!

“If I stay, I am guaranteed that nothing will change. But if I go, the possibilities of this next adventure are endless!”


I recently spoke to a group of up and coming law students, all eager, bright eyed and curious. At the end of my mini-presentation, I got the question that I needed to hear, it was as follows: ‘after 20 years in my current profession, what advice would I give to someone just starting out.’

Wow, was I grateful for this opportunity to respond. I knew exactly what I wanted to say. Here it is:

Whatever you choose to do in life, make sure you are passionate about it. There is nothing more satisfying than coming to work on a daily basis with an excitement and enthusiasm for your day and what it has to offer. That coupled with a desire to work hard and serve with gratitude will be the key to personal and professional success. And, don’t forget to seek out the mentors who will help you at every stage of the game.  But if time goes by and you no longer experience the above, do not be afraid to quit.  After days, months, years if you are finding it more and more difficult to get up in the morning, then pay attention to that as well. We are meant to evolve in this life. We are meant to learn the lessons and move on.  If you are feeling stuck or suffocated, acknowledge that it may be time to reinvent yourself and try something new. Don’t delay that internal introspective process of discernment or your internal feelings may take over and even make you sick.  Just get yourself ready for it is time for another plan to come to light.  Do not stay in any job longer than necessary because of fear. Doors open all the time when you get intentional.  Opportunities will appear again. We are all meant to be happy- so figure out what makes you smile!

Yes, yes, yes- I was so happy to answer this question as I now am at a crossroads of my own.  I have been unhappy at my place of employment for too long. My soul was pulling me in a different direction and it had become more and more difficult to get up and face my day.  And as I sit her ready to write my own final mission statement, out comes just two simple words: I QUIT!

I QUIT a job where I am no longer able to develop my talent.

I QUIT and take off the golden handcuffs that have kept me tied to something that no longer serves me.

I QUIT fear.

I QUIT seeking approval from others. I QUIT needing that approval to know my worth.

I QUIT beating myself up mentally.

I QUIT sabotaging my own peace and freedom.

I QUIT not believing in myself and my purpose.

I QUIT not paying attention to the signs that tell me that it is time to move on.

And I grab onto BLISS!

I am changing the negative charge of the words “I QUIT” to a positive one. One that allows me to follow my dreams, my bliss and my calling here on Earth.  I know that the past 20 years have provided me with some of the most amazing opportunities to hone my craft. I know that I have had the chance to meet some of the most amazing people on this part of my journey. I know that I have impacted and made a difference in the lives of so many. And I know that many of you have so impacted and made a difference in mine and will remain such an important part of my story. I know that I have accomplished and learned so much.  Quitting is not a failure, it is actually a sign of success. To know when it is time to move on and have the courage to step out on your next adventure into the unknown, even though you may be terrified, is such a badge of honor. Such a gift to yourself. such a gift to the world. Because this world needs more happy people, who let go of a state of depression and anxiety and choose to claim their joy and go for it!

So I leave you all with this, if you stay where you are, make sure that you are passionate about it and look for the lessons to be learned. But when there comes a time when you are no longer satisfied and there is something that is tugging at your soul to move along, then answer that call like a hero and fearlessly and courageously (with your angels by your side) open the next door that awaits. For only then, will you discover the endless possibilities for you. You can say “I QUIT” to so much more than a job, you can say it to self-defeating behaviors and the like. Because when you do, you are opening your life up to so much more.  20 years ago I was so young, so passionate,and so excited to learn so much. Today, wiser and a little older and certainly more confident, I am ready to start a new chapter, excited, grateful to my younger self for everything that she said yes to. And just like I did before, I know I will find my way!

I am doing this and practicing what I preach and you can be sure if you decide to do the same because it is time, I will be right there with you, cheering you on!


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Butterflies, Blessings, and Bliss!


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Final Mission Statement: I QUIT! was originally published on Meg Nocero

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