Without Love to Heal US….

“We must discover the power of love, the power, the redemptive power of love. And when we discover that we will be able to make of this old world a new world. We will be able to make men better. Love is the only way.”  Martin Luther King Jr.

Stop for one second-just take a deep breath!

So many lost lives, so much senseless death-

Tears overwhelm me, the reality so difficult to see-

What choices do we have, what direction to set our souls free?

Action, yes action-accountability,

But without love to heal us, there will still be misery.

Many at this time, awake to a new reality.

But without love to heal us, who will we be?

Will this moment in time just be, the moment where we finally all see?

But without love to heal us, anger kills possibility.

Look to the right and the left, connections waiting for you and me.

But without love to heal us, we fail to trust and miss the synchrony.

Youngest of us, it is your time, we pass the mantle and support you as you more than plea,

But please do not forget to come from a place of love to heal all of us, let it guide the mission, vision and your new symphony.




Without Love to Heal US…. was originally published on Meg Nocero

Don’t Forget to Schedule Time to Chase Butterflies!

“Nobody can break your heart. They can break your expectations. When they break your expectations, you will eventually surrender and move closer to your heart.” Kyle Cease

Navigating this world seems to be a bit overwhelming these days.

It seems like this is a moment in history where emotions from the right and the left are running at an all time high. Remember no one can break your heart. Feeling called to do something to make this a better world, it’s non-action that will one day fill you with regret if you don’t try.

Inspiration comes from many places. I am reminded to be aware even when my mind races. Knowing full well that we will all at one point be held to stand the trial of time, I can’t let expectations unfulfilled stop me without reason or rhyme.

As I make decisions as to the direction to climb, I engage a mindful practice to embrace those choices of mine. And yes, now more than ever, schedule some time, to chase those butterflies to bring to life that beautiful vision of mine.

For my friends, look up to the sky, there they are, they need no permission to fly. They have no limits, so why should I?! Let yourself go, the time is nigh. Embrace your own mantra, use your imagination, surrender to love and close your eyes.

See clearly that life of yours as you are ready to shine. Elevate your spirit and hope, allow your imagination and insights to get into line! New energy infiltrates as you transform and move closer to your heart space, surrender and fly. Chase away and fly butterflies fly!


Don’t Forget to Schedule Time to Chase Butterflies! was originally published on Meg Nocero

Another Day of Love: When We Start With Love, Something wonderful just might be happening here!

I organize a lot of events and celebrations. I go to a lot of events and celebrations. I have always believed that whoever is meant to be there will be there. So by letting go of what I consider to be a success, I free myself up to set my intentions and trust the universe to do its thing, conspire in favor of my highest good!

Last night I went to an event called Made 2 Love hosted by a beautiful woman whose mission it is to show love to young girls and help them to love themselves as they navigate this sometimes crazy world. Most of them, even as young as 8 or 9, come to see and know the world through not so ideal situations, in fact downright shocking. They deal with issues around abandonment, suicide, worthlessness and the like. So in that vein, the Made 2 Love mission becomes even most important as its founder and volunteers set out to shine a light on how special these girls are and how much this world needs them and their talents. My intention going there was to support my friend and experience the connections as they unfold knowing that trusting was where I was.

On this Valentine’s Day, in honor of the inspiration of last night and those who showed up on my path, I set out to shine a light starting from a place of love, for to teach love, we must become love. This is not always an easy task in a world where many of us measure our self worth on the daily as our perception of success has us falling short leaning more towards a failure mentality looking for validation. And to set out from a place of love, there is always a reminder that that energy can move mountains, spark a positive energetic vibration or even change a life. For sure, when I reach out and connect without need to be validated by others, this is the beginning of something wonderful happening for me and whoever else shows up there! So Shine on you batshit crazy diamonds, I love you and its time to follow your bliss!


Another Day of Love: When We Start With Love, Something wonderful just might be happening here! was originally published on Meg Nocero

When your inner imposter threatens to dictate your journey, choose love now and set your soul ablaze in another direction!

“Love in its essence is spiritual fire.” Seneca

From a place of love, I find that we can manifest anything!! Love is the spiritual fire that will catapult each one of us on a journey filled with curiosity, beauty, connectedness and the like. And because we are spiritual beings having a physical human experience, as powerful energetic beings, we need to take the time each and every day to get still and go to the center of our being to tap into the “source” that will allow each of us to come fully alive.

We all have those gremlins within. You know, those inner impostors who practice deception feeding us with lies to keep us from venturing out making our dreams a reality.  This inner directionless voice tends to masquerade itself as our protector when in most respects in the end it will harm us more than anything as we never truly see those “something wonderfuls” waiting to be discovered. Love is the only thing that can be used to pay the ransom asked for by our negative thinking self. Self- love, something that is ours at a moments notice, comes to our aid as the spiritual fire that burns out the toxicity and allows a release replaced by the light. Why do we let that inner impostor dictate our journey when we can set a new path by choosing love now?  Love is the simple essence of who we are. If we wish to teach love, then we must choose to be love as well.  And the first step towards that is to choose love now!



When your inner imposter threatens to dictate your journey, choose love now and set your soul ablaze in another direction! was originally published on Meg Nocero

Tell Me, What is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

“When it’s over, I want to say: all my life I was a bride married to amazement. I was a bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.”  Mary Oliver

Today I am channeling the beauty of one of the greatest poets alive-Mary Oliver. If asked if I could meet anyone on the planet today, who would that be- I would readily include this eloquent woman on my list. Her words speak of the beauty of consciousness to the life experience that surrounds each one of us. With her, I learned to better pay attention to how the universe unfolds around me. I get excited as to how my story is coming to light. I step up to share and tell whoever wants to hear all about it. She is a spark of wisdom that has permeated the very fabric of my world and for that I am grateful.

In a universe where many succumb to being drugged by materialism and concoctions served of a reality based in numbness, Oliver’s poetry brings me back to the very reason that I am awake and aware today. I readily take on the role as the bride married to amazement and at the same time grab onto the vision of a groom embracing the gifts that this world has to offer.

When Oliver asks what it is that I plan to do with my one wild and precious life, I get giddy to the endless possibilities that dance around in my head like magical fairies here to do my bidding. Such a magnificent place that this can be, a world who on commands lifts its veil so that I can breath in its beauty. And there is an important message to be told:  its not what woke me up that matters, although the lesson of the pain, loss and darkness were mine to learn.  It’s not just that I used the “Aha Moments” to catapult me forward. They did and still do. It is that I become one with my imagination that arrives from an awareness that was a gift to me, and with that gift I live my life from this time on from there!  And live from a place of awe and wonder is what I plan to do with my one wild and precious life-thank you Mary for the invitation and inspiration.



Tell Me, What is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? was originally published on Meg Nocero

Charming Gardners on the Edge of Breathlessness at the Lighthouse of Hope!

“Let us be grateful for the people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” Marcel Proust

In April 2018, it will be seven years since you, my mother passed away, a moment in time that turned my world upside down. A morning, holding your hand on the hospital bed, begging for you to live. With my eyes closed, I saw a vision of a lighthouse against a blue sky. Then, all of a sudden, a burst of white light blinded me, your sweet exhausted plea faintly spoke to me without saying a word, I heard “Let me go!” Seven years ago,  I thought I would never be able to handle a world without you in it. Seven years ago, I thought that my anxiety, depression and grief would hold me captive to a life filled with fear and unhappiness. Seven years ago, instead of giving up, with your help, charming gardeners appeared, I made the decision to bravely embrace the insecurity that lay before me and face any demons that would prevent me from moving towards the light.

Through hills and valleys, I would walk.  You, my mother appeared and sent angels to my side. Though some days were darker than others, I continued with you, for the Bible says at Psalm 23:4, “Yes, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; thy rod and staff they comfort me.”

And here I am now, preparing for April 2018, when I will be commemorating these past seven years by traveling with a group of 16 pilgrims, on El Camino de Santiago de Compostela in celebration and gratitude for the love that you left me, that found me and planted its seeds for my soul to blossom once again. Brought together by whatever synchronicities along the way, we gather as a tribe guided by wanderlust and whatever else drives us, a continuation of the story that I want to tell. You are still with me. A beautiful story built on discovery and curiosity and faith as we stand on the edge, breathless, taking in the beauty that is offered. Walking in the sunlight in the middle of Spring, experiencing the transformation of my dreams into reality, you keep planting more magical seeds that will soon be shared by the many rather than the few, I am grateful. And, when I arrive at Cape Fisterre, the final destination for many pilgrims on the Way of St. James, considered where this world meets the next, I will humbly kneel with you setting out a prayer of thanksgiving for each one who has shown up on this journey giving me hope and strength when I thought I could not go on. And there it will be, that lighthouse of hope you sent me in that vision seven years ago when your soul moved on, you brought me there. And Paolo, dear wise Paolo Coelho, the masculine spirit guide as I wrote my way out, you too shall be at my side, for I followed your lead and there I will have earned my sword too, now a warrior for love.



Charming Gardners on the Edge of Breathlessness at the Lighthouse of Hope! was originally published on Meg Nocero

Take Many Leaps of Faith- When Consistent Bold Actions Over Time Make a Huge Difference!

“Call on God but row away from the rocks.” Indian proverb

Last year at this time, I had no idea I would be on a new path, on a different adventure, in this place of so much possibility. As with most moments of intense discomfort, I clearly knew where I did not want to be, there was no question of that.  Yet, when contemplating a leap of faith, I stood frozen not knowing for sure if leaving my comfort zone would bring me a future I would love. I was scared of the unknown, afraid I would be easily forgotten, hard pressed to relinquish the identity I worked so hard to achieve and weighed down by indecision. Yet, in the midst of all of this, there was equally an intense knowing that something better awaited me if I chose to set out and walk away so I could walk towards a more incredible view.

So I begged for guidance. And, as I stood still trying to convince myself that I could tolerate more of the same, it was as if the energy of my desire permeated the things around me as they began to change. One by one, things unfolded as if on cue. Others ventured out boldly where I could not. My sidekick of many years left showing me a way to follow. Others entered where they had not before, replacements took over setting the scene for a different paradigm that I would not and could not be a part of. The universe beckoned for me to act, a chance to explore had me working away from what I knew, opening a door that I did not know existed before.  And there, from that place, as more distance grew, I could not go back because unbeknownst to me, I had already done the hard part by rowing away from the rocks.  When I could no longer see the shore, I called out to the divine for help, and from what was a place of doubt, a messenger delivered a new vision that I could grab onto.  And there I was, without even realizing it,  embracing a faith that had me leaping miles ahead and moving strides forward trusting that the  journey would take me to my something wonderful.

Consistency, with perseverance, and awake, I shed the skin of the indecisive one, to become more of who I am meant to be. Patiently, I stood stronger, taller, more alive. Now, toasting to the brilliance that is my life, living in such a way guided by the wish fulfilled, showing up as  set out by C.S. Lewis, “May it be the real I who speaks. May it be the real Thou that I speak to.” Continuing to leap in faith, towards things hoped for making a huge difference for me. Evidence appearing every day, never really doubting my path again, smiling internally for bold actions over time have served me well. For last year at this time, I had no idea I would be on a new path, on a different adventure, in this place of so much possibility today.


Take Many Leaps of Faith- When Consistent Bold Actions Over Time Make a Huge Difference! was originally published on Meg Nocero

Become the Editor of Your Story: Face, Release and Clear the Toxicity of the Past, the Beauty and Power Gained from it will be Your Superpower in the Present Moment!

“My life needs editing.” Mort Sahl, comedian

As I have set out to show up as a new, more authentic me on this journey, I see my life taking on different roles that excite me.  I have become and am the writer, the editor, and the observer.   

The writer sets out on a three part process: sitting in consciousness and awareness as life as it unfolds, figuring out what gets the creative juices flowing and what excites, and then tells the story in the most authentic voice possible.  The observer benefits from the vulnerability of the writer who takes a risk by sharing all of the ups and downs in the most engaging way possible hoping in the end to inspire.  But it is the editor, the critical reader and lover of the story, who gets to sit down to refine, polish, and enhance the process of what has happened so that a more exciting bridge to the future can be built. It is the editor’s role as gatekeeper between the writer and the observer that brings happiness and an articulable purpose to the raw, unfinished manuscript so that the greater story can communicated and shared.  

These days, I have chosen to focus on the role of the editor. As I do, as I look over what has been written, the story that I have already lived with much gratitude, I am ready to face, release and clear the toxicity that showed up for a reason but longer serves me on this journey. Now, I trust the process so I can highlight the beauty and power gained from the lessons learned.  As the observer, I have noticed that many people live the same story over and over because they do not take the opportunity to stop, look at what has happened, and strike out old patterns to shift into a more enlightened state. Survival for many becomes the tome of the day, choosing to stay in the numbness instead of pushing through seeking out the truth of the experience.  Delaying the awakening for fear of change and the unknown, we are kept from moving into what magnificence is waiting. It is time to honor the beauty of who we are, it is time to be the editor of our behaviors so that we can raise the energy of our lives.

So today, I wear the hat of the editor’s role. Rather than change what actually happened, I get to review, refine, polish, enhance, face, release and clear out past patterns and practice.  When done, I put my writer’s hat back on to get ready to dance and walk a more amazing part to this journey empowered by what has already been rather than be reduced by it. Instead of erasing what has happened, I act as the gatekeeper choosing what and how the wisdom comes with me. As a result, I bring more happiness when I wear the observer’s hat, owning the beauty gained from my story and allowing it to become the superpower in my life. Perhaps as we all step towards into a more brilliant future, it is time to sit in this present moment and edit our lives as well, awaken to what was and what is, get mindful and choose how we start this next chapter- perhaps on a beautiful open road of possibilities, under a gorgeous blue sky, surrounded by the sweet scent of lavender, hopefully with a foundation in love.

Copyright – all Rights Reserved – Butterflies & Bliss, LLC 2016


Become the Editor of Your Story: Face, Release and Clear the Toxicity of the Past, the Beauty and Power Gained from it will be Your Superpower in the Present Moment! was originally published on Meg Nocero

Look Up Beautiful One: Spring’s Transformation Always Follows the Winter that Soon Leads to a Glorious Summer

“Now is the winter of our discontent, made glorious summer by this son of York.” William Shakespeare, Richard III (1592)

It has been six months since I stepped out of my previous life. Scared and unknowing, happy and excited. All the possibilities lingering in front of me, only to grab onto courage to honor and get past the contemplation and angst that came from within. While the light of the sun shone brightly, I had to walk through the darkness to start to feel the warmth of its rays. Facing those parts in myself that brought me to catabolic lows, through awareness, acceptance then action, I started to feel again, chasing out the numb, connecting my heart to my head. Duality no more, functioning in the way that God so intended, a whole being, rather than one separated by its parts.

I needed a strategy, a plan. I found one that honored the energy of me.  A triad, a trifecta, a triangle is what I see- where I placed my well being at its center surrounded by the energy of those I love and who love me; my calling was placed at the top, lining up with my highest power; only to be flanked on each corner by service and education. This was what I intended for my life to mirror, a strength that comes from balance of what values I hold dear.

And each step of the way, each moment, month or day, I released the toxicity of the perceived oppression, so now the long unhappy winter comes to an end. Yes, there were dark days, the authentic me believes each one held great purpose, there still are.  However, now I shake off what no longer serves me quicker to embrace a new reign of magic that burst out from the clouds to shine once again.  This rebirth awaited me, a transformation has begun, showing up as I am, loved for who I am.  Ahh, a life with faith made the journey more palatable. Looking for the day to come where this will be just a proud memory as I stand b y the ocean to reflect on how far I have come.

So look up oh beautiful one, your strength is seeping out slowly and your empowerment begins. Your newfound emergence is the gift to yourself and others as you walk into a more brilliant path. Love has always been waiting there for you! The winter of your discontent no more.


Look Up Beautiful One: Spring’s Transformation Always Follows the Winter that Soon Leads to a Glorious Summer was originally published on Meg Nocero

It is time to get your house in order, vision boards are a tool to help you commit to take the next step to your personal freedom!

For those of you who are interested in making a vision board for 2018, here are 6 great guidelines to get yourself started:

  1. Declutter! Before you sit down to work out the greatest vision for your life this year, it is imperative that you start to declutter your mind, your spaces and your circle of influence. If you want a solid future, you have to build a solid foundation. That being said, how can you even begin to see clearly unless you clear out the spaces and release some of the toxic things, people, places and behaviors that no longer serve your highest good. Let this act as a sounding bell for today and the rest of January for that matter. Evolve into someone who can breather easier giving away or even throwing out those things that you no longer use or need. Someone else will surely benefit.  Evolve in a place where the energy moves effortlessly. Head straight to the closet of your home and mind and with a less than discerning eye, imagine what freedom you will have when you can actually see what is in front of you. Think about all the time you will save as well as how visually appealing it will be. Evolve with clarity as you declare your intentions for the almighty now as you get kick out the negativity replacing it with life affirming mantra. Meditation is a great way to start that process as well.
  2. Organize! Human beings may not love to do it, but there is a sense of personal control and freedom when you can categorize and organize your vision. This in effect has an overflow onto your everyday life.  You got this! Spiritually, physically, financially, relationally, and intellectually! The 5 great pillars of a well constructed vision board. Sit with each and think about how you wish to see each unfold this year. Get out your magazines, books or even go online and see what gets you excited. Then play some inspiring tunes, burn some sage, get the aromatherapy going and choose the size of your board and how you want to lay out your magic.
  3. Prioritize! Put a photo of you at the center of your board- a photo that you really like- perhaps at a time when you felt like you had it all going on. When you set out your priorities, putting your well being in the middle, you get to owning your vision and see it as taking care of yourself.
  4. Get creative! This is where the magic happens. This is where you get to think outside of the box of what you are told is possible to start believing in endless possibilities. Perhaps a trip around the world strikes your fancy- put it on the board. Perhaps you want to star in a Broadway show, get detailed and put it on your board. Is it love that you are after, romance, great sex? Put it on the board. Throw it all on there, this is for you. There is no telling what great things are in store for you! Put it on the board and stand back and let the universe conspire in your favor, bringing you opportunities to move your life forward.
  5. Choose the energy well! I love to do vision boards with other people. Not just any other people, but people who are open to manifesting amazing and bring that kind of energy to the Vision Board party. Do yourself a favor, this is no time for social niceties. This is your present and future that we are talking about, choose the energy you allow in well. Also, if you are so inclined share your vision and dreams with those who are present and they can peruse the magazines with you. I believe in the collaborative payoff when two or more people are present. There is no telling what can come from this! I even get each one of my guests to sign and date the board at the end of the session.
  6. Commit to the board! Believe it or not this is the most challenging, yet most important part of vision boarding.  I like to symbolically seal the vision boards with clear packing tape at the end to commit to what I put on there. It protects the actual board and sends a message to the universe that game on! I am ready to do this!

Most of all, have fun with this. Make a party of it, a celebration and get ready to dream Big! There is no telling what can happen when you get clear with who you are and were you want to take your life this year! Then start to pay attention, things will start to unfold just be conscious about it. In no time, you just might be loving the house that you live in again. Of course, I would love to hear all about. Display your board with pride- it is your artistic creation! I love hearing the stories about how incredible it was that what was placed as a part of the vision became a reality as you get inspired to act on the visions that you set out! You have just stepped into creating a newfound personal freedom as you set out the direction that is best for you! (Oh and if you have to freshen up the board- do one again mid year or a mini board around a specific goal you may have- it will help you open up the creative channels!)

Happy Vision Boarding everyone- hope this helps, it certainly has for me- Manifest Magic in 2018!



It is time to get your house in order, vision boards are a tool to help you commit to take the next step to your personal freedom! was originally published on Meg Nocero


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