Year of Magic: Recovering a Sense of Safety

YEAR OF MAGIC 2019 “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” T.S. Eliot THE ARTIST’S JOURNEY CONTINUES In April of 2018, I made a promise to myself before I started to walk the 111…

Year of Magic: Recovering a Sense of Safety was originally published on Meg Nocero

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Creative surrender

“The creative process is a process of surrender, not control.” Julia Cameron Let’s really get creative today by letting go of the notion that we are in control of the outcome.  Yes, we are in control of our creative choices, but once made and released into the universe they take on a life of their […]

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The Artist Way- Chapter 12- Recovering a Sense of Faith!

I was raised to believe that Faith is everything.  In fact, as we strike out to risk and dare to dream in our lives, everything that we are or do requires a lot of faith as we face the unknown.  Over this past week, I have been reading two different books that deal with resistance […]

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The Artist’s Way – Week 6 – all about abundance!

This week int he Artist Way I am learning that God, the Great Creator, wants the world for us! And the world means the world!!!! With our artistic creativity, this chapter teaches us to recover a sense of abundance.  I love the part here where she says to focus on abundance and prosperity as it […]

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Recovering a sense of integrity- Chapter 4 of the Artist Way- Week 5!

Well it is no surprise to me that chapter 4 starts off with its focus on the morning pages.  Especially since I have been avoiding the morning pages.  The Chapter talks about integrity and follow through-  and the follow through for this experiment is all about doing the morning pages and the artist’s date.  Yes, […]

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Chapter 3-Recovering your sense of Power! Week 4 of the Artist Way!

Now they are talking! This is more like it- I have read all about safety, sense of identity and now POWER. Or Empowerment!!!  Or put in another way becoming intentional.  This is more like it!  This chapter talks about anger, synchronicity, shame, dealing with criticism and detective work to get to the root as to […]

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End of Week on Chapter 2 Resdicovering your sense of identity! Artist Way Week 3

Wow, this week was a tough one! I just could not get out of my way. My dreams were vivid and the images that were relayed to me through the morning pages were a bit disturbing. I think that I will read something beautiful and set my intentions to receive loving embraces in my dreams […]

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Week 3, Day 14 of the Artist’s Way-What makes me think I am creative???

This week I am supposed to recover a sense of identity. After 43 years on this earth, I think that it is about time. But on first glance, I ask myself what the heck does that mean?  I am intimately familiar with myself having lived in the direct vicinity for quite some time.  But after […]

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Day 13 of the Artist’s Way- the Tasks and the Check-In!

I am finding it extremely amazing that I keep meeting people who have left their day job to take the risk to chase after their dream, their passion, or their calling.  In fact, this is happening more and more. Not sure if it is because I am looking for courageous affirmations of those who have […]

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Day 11 & 12 of the Artist’s Way-Removing the Negative Beliefs with Affirmative Weapons!

I am really blessed. That is something I know in my soul. I don’t have to look far to see people who I love and love me. That is a blessing. I have often heard it said that you are to be considered a lucky person is you can count the number of good friends […]

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