A Soul Talk

In my life, I continue to learn each and every day inspired by so many different people.  My mother was one of my greatest and most cherished teachers. When she passed away in April of 2011 after a courageous battle with breast cancer, I lost my mentor and guide.  She was a source of unconditional love for me and when she died I yearned for that connection that was physically lost.   The grief was unbearable.   It was not until a good friend encouraged me to find time each day to connect with my mom that I began my journey towards healing from this incredible loss.  These thoughts of the day or inspirations are my connections each day with my mom.  I am blogging them with others in hopes that they may help you all along the way.  It is a soul talk that I would like to have with you all. Please feel free to add your own inspirations when the spirits moves you for it truly is in our connections that we all can heal each other. God bless you all!

8 Comments on “A Soul Talk”

  1. Meg You have such a gift with words, but it does not surprise me. When one expreriences unconditional love from our earthly connection (our Moms) it is so incrediblely easy to live a life of uncondiitonal love from our Creator. That’s where the words come from, they are in our hearts.


    • thank you so much Kathy- I am doing my best to live a life of unconditional love in this life- lately I have had some BIG challenges, so maybe the Creator is giving me the challenges to really understand what I am supposed to learn on this journey. I so agree that the words come from our hearts- the words come from the pain and from the joy- that is life and we are lucky enough to wake up each day and experience it! Love you Kathy! Happy New Year!


  2. I love your Blog! I have shared it with my fitness group because so many of us feel blocked and beat up..your blog gives everyone the strength to find the good things and look to the positive. You, my dear friend, have touched my life!!


  3. I am sorry that your mom left this life so early in yours. I can see that you have an open and gracious perspective on life. May you continue to find inspiration and joy! And thank you for following! 😀 Pat


  4. Te vi en un programa de te ve ,me pareció hermoso el mensaje de alegría y esperanza muchas gracias por enseñarnos que a pesar del dolor se puede ser feliz Mafia del C.de Argentina


  5. Hi Meg. My name is Carolina. I´m writing from Brasil. I would like to know if there is your book in spanish? where can i buy it? Thank you


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