My Year of Magical Thinking-what do I want my future to look like?

Can someone please tell me how the positive changes happen in my life if I insist to go about it the same way as I always have? I need a dose of magical thinking!!

This insanity of only if I could get organized better-is what goes through my head, the cartoon bubble with the three dots–such a psychological experience really- I know thoughts make things, thoughts make things, positive thoughts, make positive things!!! I know this, I loved this when I first heard it. It is really magical thinking because I used to think that I was a victim to the circumstances that surrounded my life on a daily basis. Now, I know I am not and I have choices! I choose!!!!!

Funny, I was so good at handling other people’s versions of my life in small doses. A self proclaimed free spirit who was told her whole life that I needed discipline, routine, consistency. When I finally grabbed on to my own dream of how I wanted to live, then wonderful things started to happen for me- that always something wonderful came true in an instant! In actuality, I was very disciplined really- just doing the things that made me feel wonderful-drawing, singing, playing, using my imagination. . .

Free spirits don’t so well in a cage- as an adult I see now that the cage is an illusion- the door is never locked shut- because there is no cage and once I stepped out of what was expected of me I realized just that–  just needed to step out! Step out of a routine and stop shoulding on myself. Start to enjoy with a healthy mindset- get out and start to smell the roses!!

Funny, I have chosen a profession where I need to be at a certain place at a certain time- always running on the late side of things- never enough time to do the things that I love. Others possibly judging me – if they only knew what I was able to accomplish before 9am.  But as I embrace the things that I love, the profession that I am called to starts to find me! Stop saying no to the opportunities that get me excited, no longer having to wait until I do the right thing according to others, the disciplined thing first, then get to enjoy —Start saying yes to living those wonderful opportunities now!  Being ok with what is- no having to wait until others give me permission- I say go for it! I say all is good!!

I have made my body into my own cage. Protecting myself from what calls to me, why the hell would I do that? Where anxiety takes over and worry because the main emotion!!! I am challenged with this yet now it is time to accept where I am and start to embrace my natural inclinations in life!!! Put on a different perspective- free myself- remind myself that there is only so much that I can handle, take on what I can, say no to what I cannot. Say yes to what calls me and then perhaps be free! Then what no longer serves me, will fall away- shedded to reveal a glorious me – unhindered, ready – doing life differently – moving to the beat of my own drum! The future completely open to write a new story for me and for you really! No longer insane, just slowly healing and recovering to what I knew when I came into this world- with the grace of this knowledge and acceptance of who we are and what we have come here to do, a new truth is revealed to us all. One that has all of us living the glorious through magical thinking!  Going to do things a little differently today , care to join me?

The Magical Guide to Bliss 🙂


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