Meg’s mantra 1-18-15: Be proud of the person you are becoming!

Meg’s mantra: Be proud of the person you are becoming!

Do things each day that you can be proud of, be a person that you can be proud of. As a little child, we want so desperately for our parents to approve of us and be proud of what we do. Or perhaps not, thinking you can’t please them you give up and don’t try for fear that you already failed. You and I are becoming each and every day. Even if we are not proud of certain things that we have done in the past, with realization we can be proud of the person that is in process. No longer needing to prove ourselves to others to gain their love and respect, we can rely on our own internal barometer to see how we are doing. And, each day we can continue to hold our head up high in spite of mistakes that we have made, because we continue to go out in the world and see what we are made of. And when we do, keep on dancing!!!

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