Be the hero on your own journey!


“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”
W.B. Yeats

How much do you appreciate a good story? While reading a great mystery novel or watching an amazing movie, you are taken on an adventure as the main characters go about gathering information to solve riddles that help to unfold the next part of the journey. The protagonists must face their fears and not succumb to any shortcuts offered so that their “lessons” can be learned along the way and their senses are keenly sharpened. At the end of the journey, when the climax is reached or the mystery is solved, the hero stands taller with the wisdom that is collected through overcoming obstacles and persevering to newfound truth. Every stage or chapter of your own life is like that same great story unfolding. No matter what stage you are in the process, each allows you the opportunity to gain the necessary insight that will make your story rich with meaning. With patience, each discovery unwraps the beauty that lies before you like never before. As you come to the end of this year, recognize and congratulate yourself for the positive growth you have experienced. For with every step forward on your path, your veil is lifted and you see more clearly the magic and miracles that have surrounded you all along.  Congratulate yourself for boldly taking this adventure with the Magical Guide to Bliss and look forward to turning the page to a new chapter on the journey. You are empowered to embrace your own magical story as you joyfully welcome the role as hero of your own journey. All senses alert at each stage of enlightenment, better able to detect that the world is a magical one! Smiling because as long as you are alive and ready to take on a new day with your dreams, goals and visions, you know that the best is yet to come and something wonderful is always about to happen. With that, Happy New Year’s Eve my friends! Get ready to leave the past behind, be grateful for the present once again for a New Year full of opportunities and challenges lies ahead! Are you ready?

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