Onward towards a brand new ending!

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”

Carl Bard

I am so grateful for the knowledge that I do not have to go back and change what has occurred in the past.  For it is true, alas, that I cannot.  What truth I must live is to start today and make the changes that I deem necessary to fulfill my dreams, live my passions and dwell in a place of love and goodness.  imagine, just because I woke this morning, I get this chance, this magical golden ticket to do it right or at least to do what’s right for me. I cannot change the past, it does not do me any good to have regrets. I shall make the choice to live a glorious present that impacts a more magnificent future. Just today. Just now. just because I can. And, even if my past is peppered with behaviors that I am not proud of, I know there is much that I can be grateful for. Every thing that has happened has folded into who I am today and for all intents and purposes- it is good- it is God and divine. So, with the beautiful community of energy I share with so many, I step into my life once again, ready to write the next chapter as I go and with grace, make the choice to embark on whatever the day hold with an attitude of tremendous gratitude. To that I say, as Ann Lamott points out – “Help me, Thank you, Wow and Amen!”


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