Friendship makes the world go round!

Friendship makes the world go round!

“Friendship takes time and energy if it’s going to work. You can luck into something great, but it doesn’t last if you don’t give it proper appreciation. Friendship can be so comfortable, but nurture it – don’t take it for granted.”

Betty White, Actress and Comedian


Friendship gives us perspective as we journey through life.  Friends are the people who keep us grounded when we lose our way.  Friends are the people who support us no matter what even when we feel like we are going it alone.  Friends are the people who will be honest and true and will tell us when we are not living an authentic life.  Friends are the people who we get to choose in this life to share the joys, struggles, laughter and tears. Friends are the people who will thank us for sharing the journey.  Keep in mind that our friends are what makes this life more meaningful and more bearable at the same time- they hold you up in the bad times and celebrate with you in the good. How lucky we are when we find a friend who accepts us just as we are.  Accepts us especially when we are not behaving well in addition to times when we need to lean on another no questions asked.  I look back over my life and am reminded of the many beautiful people who have made my life richer, fuller and more beautiful.  I am reminded of the many beautiful people who hold me at my lowest points with love.  I am reminded by these beautiful people that life needs to be celebrated and when the hard times do pass, I will return to a place where that is possible.  I am reminded by my many beautiful friends that life is more enjoyable when celebrated in the company of others who care and want the best for me.  I am reminded by these beautiful people how to be a better version of myself.   Friendship does take work.  We need to water the plants of life if we want to see them flourish.  But in the end, the energy and the work that we put into some of our greatest assets will come back to us two-fold and make life even that much satisfying for it.  Take the advice of a seasoned actress as set out above, each of our bonds with another person are invaluable and priceless.  Every friend that we make is a gift for a more wonderful present and future.  Make sure to be grateful for those people who are blessings in this life and tell them today how much you love and appreciate them! It will not only remind all of us how lucky we are, but we can give love and nurture the important relationships even more.  Cheers!


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