Chapter 3 of Artist’s Way- Finishing up Week 4 on Power!

This has been the most challenging week so far of this journey! I keep asking myself why this is so! My mornings have been rushed, my responsibilities have been great, and my confidence has taken a blow.  I am not sure that this a product of the Artist’s Way, date or morning pages. This is more like we are heading into the “hottest” months of the summer and you can feel the heat.  It is really hard to get energized when you cannot be outside for more than 30 minutes without breaking a sweat, and that is without exercise. So needless to say , I am not feeling that powerful.  I have however gained a sense of perspective this past week.  Chapter 3 has you looking at and remembering your childhood.  Questions like what your room looked like, what favorite thing do you recall about it, what five traits you loved about yourself as a child, and five childhood accomplishments.  Then the second part of the questionnaire has you looking at your  habits both good and bad, asks you to list friends who nurture you, has you actually call a friend who believes the best in you , five people you admire, and five people who that you would like to meet that are now deceased.  Then it has you taking a look at your inner compass to do a inner check as to how you are doing in this life.  Whew! this is a jam packed week of activities and important one to boot (at least for me!)

So now that it is the end of the week, did I recover my sense of power.  And what comes to mind for me is “Rome was not created in a day- so why do I think that my creative recovery will happen that fast?”  I guess that if I look at it all from the perspective that the conversation has begun and the questions I need to ask are being asked then I am on my way. And there is a lot of power in beginning! I want to keep my intentions clear and I have the power to do that- no one can take that away from me. And I also can do things that make it easier to make better choices, like get rest and exercise and eat well. That is also in my power. So I can confidently say – yes I am on my way! Not embittered but extremely hopeful that the amazing things that I am experiencing will have wonderful impact on my inner spirit.  I can feel that already-would be nice if I stopped trying to sabotage myself- and then again I have power over that as well.  I remembered my room as a young child. Never simple, lots of stuff, but always neat. On the wall I cut out huge letter that spelled out Think Positive. It was one of my favorite things that I can remember-that and the door that went to the outside. It just reminded me how much my parents trusted me. So if they trusted me I need to have trust in me that I am going in the right direction for my life- and in that therein lies a lot of power! And off I go to Chapter 4!


2 Comments on “Chapter 3 of Artist’s Way- Finishing up Week 4 on Power!

  1. I think that your creative renaissance is proceeding extremely quickly and that you have been extremely prolific of late. [Copy edit: “Think positively!” I know that the phrase “Think positive” is an acceptable colloquialism; however, ‘think’ should be qualified with the adverbial case of ‘positive.’ Although everyone will think you are weird if you said “Think Positively!” so it is a moot point. Just another example of the degeneration of American English grammar; and my grammar geekiness.]


  2. Love the grammar geekiness! But true to form, I wrote THINK POSITIVE on my wall as a young adult. Thank God i never make the mistake of irregardless- i hate that one when people use that- REGARDLESS ONLY REGARDLESS! HAHA- you are probably more prolific than I anyway- thanks for the correction! xox


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