End of Week on Chapter 2 Resdicovering your sense of identity! Artist Way Week 3

Wow, this week was a tough one! I just could not get out of my way. My dreams were vivid and the images that were relayed to me through the morning pages were a bit disturbing. I think that I will read something beautiful and set my intentions to receive loving embraces in my dreams tonight to make the choice to change the trajectory of my subconscious state.  I had a lot of Aha! moments as to freeing up the space to be more creative.  I let the child in me loose yesterday. I did a de-cluttering of my creative closets so to speak and created two vision boards, one for my home and the other for my office.  I watched the movie The Secret enough times to allow me to shift my thoughts and feelings to ones that were uplifting.  After a week filled with negative self talk, I figured that I had had enough “Meg bashing” and that it was time to turn this ship around.  It is amazing how quickly I can do this once I put my mind to it.  Just by repeating positive affirmations that I am worthy, that I am special and that I am loved, put me in a much better place for myself and all who came into contact with me.  I like to believe that the identity that I have carved for myself is one of a secure and confident woman emboldened to accomplish whatever dream that I set out to realize. And here I say “Now we are talking!!!!”And why the hell not?!? Confident to be the creative genius that dwells inside me and in all of us for that matter.  Going to choose to believe this, ask to experience this and open my arms to receive it!  Whatever it looks like and whatever is for my greatest good.  Someone said to me that I am in the company of the light workers- the beginning of the week I would have thought that this was not true.  But now today, I have decided to turn the light back on and search for more and the more comes from all of you beautiful people that I come into contact with every day- so my search will never be in vain. As long as we are alive, we all have so much to do- I truly believe that as long as we bring love and beauty in the actions, then whatever we set out to accomplish will be loving and beautiful.  I guess then I am grateful for this realization and therefore am grateful for the struggle this past week because it took me to this place- a place where I get to choose bliss once again!  So off I go to Week 3 of this beautiful journey and thank you all for holding up your light along the way!  My daughter and I did vision boards attached for your enjoyment! God bless-ImageImageImage

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