Loving Service Through Action!

Loving Service Through Action

“We ought not be content with being hearers, but doers.”

St.Alysius Gonzaga S.J. (1568-1591)

Hear the message and act.  This also reminds me of a quote from the Dalai Lama that goes, “Our primary purpose in life is to help others, and if we can’t help them then don’t hurt them.” Each person on this earth has come to his or her journey with a purpose.  We are all inspired by something or someone that crosses that path.  The point is to act in a positive, uplifting and loving way with that inspiration. If we are inspired in anger, that can only hurt another, but if we are inspired in love, our beautiful energy will circle the world.


4 Comments on “Loving Service Through Action!

    • I believe that it is people that make up the church. If the people speak out with actions of loving service, then the leaders of the church must follow in kind. Perhaps that is what Pope Francis wants to bring across with his message. “Make me a channel of God’s peace” and there can be no better way than through service to one another in love and kindness. Service can be any kind of action that envelops another with love. Kind words, kind deeds, prayer, loving meditation etc. Anything, i love what a fellow blogger wrote to me the other day- she said “I want to be the change- I want to be empowered to make a difference. I don’t want to wait for anyone’s permission to do so-” I Want to be the change to bring loving energy to this world and experience it through others. While it may be soft in construct, the message is powerful in its simplicity. Thank you for your input this morning- it has got me thinking and feeling in the direction that I want to go- amen and alleluia!


      • Absolutely, I am so tired of hearing that we can’t change it, and so apathy sets in. I think that’s why God said that Jesus will return like a thief in the night. That way we never know and we keep feeling like we can change things and we keep trying.


      • Apathy is the greatest challenge I think. We are all doing our best AND we are all running ourselves down and tired by the minutiae of life. Love the quote- Life is too important to be taken seriously by Oscar Wilde! So true, that is why I keep making an effort every time I remember to set out in this world and appreciate the little things (like St. Therese deLisieux) the rainbows, the blue skies, the flowers, people who cross my path- all of it! I am hopeful and faith filled that when the change starts at home then you never know the rippling effect that travels out from such positive energy. Jesus was a man from Nazareth- I don’t live in nazareth but his message has gotten to me and I have a chance to love by his example. How beautiful life is! Have a beautiful day my friend!


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