Be true to yourself!

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”
C.G. Jung

Children are often asked the age old question, “What will you be when you grow up?”  And, when we await the answer, we expect them to come up with cute, creative and inspired responses aligning them to a profession or a purpose that will develop them with a determination to match future realizations.  As a child responds, the answer can be whimsical, playful, aspiring to great heights, seriously directed or unusually focused depending on the person.  No matter, the questions begs for an answer that allows the inquirer to better understand the interests of that young person at that point in time.  And at the heart of the query, there may be a glimpse into the crystal ball of that child’s future.   Now, if I suggest that same question to adults, the reaction I may get could be what a silly question or why bother as choices have already been made. Perhaps we believe that it may be too late to make changes on the path in that in our minds the  main character of our story has already been defined.  But our story is still being written and this is why this question is still of high importance even as adults who have entered the second half of life.  Just tweak the question and replace the what with a who and allow our ever growing consciousness to take over –so again  “who will you be when you grow up?”  Don’t be surprised if the only answer to this must be more my authentic self,  or in other words exactly who I am  meant to be.  Think about it.  We are born with a purpose. In that little body and mind, the seeds have been planted that if nurtured and cared for will allow talents and skills to be developed that will serve you well as you move forward.  And, as we are delivered opportunities along the way, we have the privilege to know ourselves more as we experience others and the world around us.  When we keep our acceptance high that everything is unfolding as it should and keep our expectations low, then we can truly trust that the choices we continue to make are perfect for what we need to learn.  Ahh, the truth and awareness to accept who I am and stand in gratitude for that wisdom. Without expectations, I accept every experience as it plays out and stand ready to be wowed and surprised as I enjoy all the beautiful mysteries as they unfold before me!  Stand proud with no judgments and no desire to be something you are not.  Get ready to become the best you possible.  This is truly the privilege that we all have as we experience life.  Thank each and every one along the way for being true to themselves, it gives others permission to do the same!  In reality, when asking the ultimate question is not what but who am I, the answer can be better than anything that you could have ever imagined, because it is a more amazing YOU!


5 Comments on “Be true to yourself!

    • Agreed. I often wonder why it is so difficult some days then on other days, I am truly unapologetic. That always feels much better and in alignment and just like you say – happier!!!


  1. This post got me thinking…to ask “what will you be” or “who will you be” suggests there is an end point, a “goal”. This is not the journey of life I am learning to follow. I hope to never “get there” and continue to learn about myself and the world until the day I die (which will hopefully be the most educational moment of my life!). Perhaps the task is to ask constantly, “HOW am I growing” or “where am I growing?” Alan Watts gave a lecture comparing how children in the West ask their parents how was I MADE, as if creation ended the moment they were conceived (or born). Children in the Eastern religions/cultures/upbringing ask their parents “how did I GROW?” There is a fundamental difference between being made and being grown. Plants grow. The Universe is expanding. We are no different.

    I’m just rambling here and don’t want to belittle your lovely post. It just got the gears moving in my head. I especially like what you said here, “We are born with a purpose. In that little body and mind, the seeds have been planted that if nurtured and cared for will allow talents and skills to be developed that will serve you well as you move forward.” It is truly the balance of Nature and Nurture. I hope to give my children the opportunities to develop their natural faculties and follow their passions. I have to learn to do it myself first…

    Thanks for letting me ramble here! Love ❤


    • I love what you have to say about this- yes it is so about growing. I imagine that is really why we are all hear to learn and grow through the lessons we face in this body of ours. I am such a goal oriented person, I like to set out a vision for the path. I get a natural high when i check off my list, but I totally get what you are saying. It is about the experience as we go, how we nurture the seeds etc. I have two children and I like you hope to do my best to nurture to enhance their nature. I love the info about how different the east and the west is- Kind of like the way we greet eachother as well. Nice to meet you versus nice to see you. i acknowledges the moment then other acknowledges the presence- now I am rambling- thank you for you insights! xox


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