Perfectly flawed!

“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”
Leonard Cohen

Why is it that as human beings we experience times of tremendous struggle? Why is it that we are often faced with overwhelming obstacles to the realization of our dreams?  Why is it that so many challenging lessons appear on our journey?  And, ultimately why must we fail over and over before we learn from mistakes?   I suppose one way of looking at these questions is as follows:  without the struggle there would be elation in triumph, without the obstacles there could be no need to think outside the box for creative and innovative solutions, without the lessons we would never have to face our fears to learn and evolve to a higher consciousness, and without the failures and mistakes along the way, we would not have the opportunities to get closer and closer to the ultimate discovery.  With this perspective, I may get excited, however, the hardest part of dealing with struggle, obstacles, challenges, and failures in life is when it all happens at once.  It all can become too  much especially where I like to maintain control over what happens to me and around me.  When I get inundated, it may feel like life is unraveling and it may be difficult to regain any footing. When faced with too much hardship at once, whether it be any type of  loss in your life, health related stress, work related stress, family related stress, loneliness- you name it, I often feel like if I add one more thing to my plate,  I will just crack.  But, I have found that right at that moment when I accept and just break open, that is when the light comes back into my life.  Because that is where we are challenged to openly accept our flaws, at that breaking point our need to survive overtakes our need to be perfect. Then, we can stand in acceptance at what our lives have delivered to us.  All of it, the struggle, obstacle, challenges, and failures, can then be seen as opportunities to learn and progress.  Is it possible we can become more amazing because of the bumps along the way? Yes Yes Yes, it is!!!! And as we are going through it all on the path to discovering our amazing and perfectly flawed selves, to help maintain patience and to aid in minimizing worries or anxieties, I grab on to my tools. Focus on my breathing, keep the goal in mind, stop and input positive intentions into your field of thought, recite your uplifting mantra, learn to meditate and live your life as an ongoing prayer asking for divine inspiration when you need it most (because the universe will respond).  And, finally embrace your cracks, embrace your flaws, and stand in gratitude for having the opportunity to accept your brokenness.  It is with acceptance that you will experience the most incredibly warm and loving light of hope and possibility.  I love those times where the rain has stopped and there is a break in the clouds where a beam of light breaks through offering us hope that the sun will come out again. Because it rained, we appreciate the sun even more. Because we move forward past the struggle, we overcome obstacles, we face our fears and challenges, and we learn from our mistakes, we have a deeper gratitude and appreciation for all of life as it unfolds. Then I get to be so grateful for my perfectly flawed self as I look back on where I have come from in hopeful aspiration to where I am going.  See the perfection and freedom in the cracks and surrender, there is no better way!Image

3 Comments on “Perfectly flawed!

  1. Beautiful post! I recently experienced a miscarriage. It was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with, and yet it has also been the most important catalyst for growth and change in my entire life. I love how you described that moment when you just “crack” being the moment when you are also filled with light. I definitely experienced this in the months that followed the loss of my baby. This topic reminds me of a story a Buddhist monk friend of mine once told me over tea.

    He said that a very proud and advanced Zen student came to a great Zen Master for tea and to learn from the Zen Master. The Zen master began to pour the proud student’s tea and when the tea reached the top he kept pouring. Tea spilled everywhere, but the Master just continued to pour, undisturbed by the mess. The student soon became uncomfortable, for he did not want to correct the great Master. Finally, he spoke up and said “Master, why do you keep pouring? The glass is already full!” Then, the Master smiled and said, “when one wishes to learn something new one must first empty the mind and admit ignorance. Only an empty mind can be filled with knowledge.”

    The experience of emptiness truly is vital to gaining understanding and obtaining wisdom. Even the darkest night is followed by the rising sun.

    Namaste and have a beautiful weekend!


    • Wow- while i am sorry about your miscarriage I am so happy to hear that you have received a lot of gifts out of the painful experience. While i have not suffered that kind of loss, i have experienced the loss of my mom and boy was that hard to get through. i have come so far and I am sure it was because I go to the point where I hit rock bottom- yes i love how you say that even the darkest night is followed by the rising sun- beautiful! And, i love the story of the Zen master and the need to empty ourselves to receive more wisdom. just beautiful! Thank you for sharing – really! I read your comment this morning and was so impacted by the fact that you would share something so personal and that there are other seekers out there like me. Namaste and God Bless to you! i hope that you have a beautiful weekend as well – thank you for the link to the empath site- I really loved it and look forward to learning more!


      • I am sorry about your Mom, but so glad you have begun the process of learning that everything can be a beautiful experience of growth and positive spiritual change.

        Glad to be blogosphere friends with you! Lets share our journeys and help one another learn!


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