2014- The Year of Consciously Creating

A good friend of mine declared to me once that he never set his resolutions for the year until after Martin Luther King day! “Why, ” I would ask inquisitively. His response, “it gives you some time to settle down and get to know the year a little better before you forge ahead!” Of course! You need to get to know the lay of the land before you know what tools you will need to succeed. For me, this is wonderful advice! After a good two weeks after the page has turned on a new year, I can get a good feeling for what this year will be for me and proceed with the confidence that any intention I set out will actually have a good chance of coming true!

So with this in mind, I have decided (or perhaps based upon what I am currently attracting into my reality, it really is the universe that has offered me suggestions as to what I need to pursue) to declare this year the year of consciously creating! What, you may or may not ask! Well anything my little heart or soul yearns for. For instance, I seriously cannot wait to shed the weight that I still claim lingers from both my pregnancies- after 5 years now, this conversation is getting more than tiresome.  Or I intend to finish my memoir – I have attracted to myself a memoir writing class that will meet on Fridays for 8 weeks to help me do just that!  I am finding books that are helping me hone the tools to actually help me get excited as I embark on this fun and adventurous part of my journey- travel, reignited relationships ( in a good way), peaceful meditative moments, enthusiastic and exciting feelings that will lead up to wondrous experiences (and as I read in one of my books) and harm to none! Its time to uproot the beliefs of the past that get in the way of the Divinity within me and all of us for that matter. So as I launched this wonderful creative year, I started off with a fresh haircut and color and vision boarding with incredible people. I just know that something wonderful is about to happen for us all with harm to none. So let’s get to it – Happy creating my friends for if you are not creating your world consciously than for sure you are doing it subconsciously – and who likes to not have a real say if you could in the outcome! I plan to highlight as I go what great things I get to learn on the way!



About Meg

I am currently experiencing a great transformation in my life. I am an attorney by trade, but I am a seeker for life. I am looking for ways and opportunities to continue to fully live my truth in this life and I have faith that the divinity within will lead me in the direction that I need to go! I live in gratitude for all my blessings! And, one of my blessings has been to be able to share my writing with many people to help inspire others to find their purpose in life and follow their dreams. My thoughts of the day were recently published in the online magazine called Blossom, published by the very talented Amy Butler of Amy Butler designs, go to her website and check out the amazing possibilities of her creative outlet. I am also in the process of editing my first book called The Sunrise of My Soul's Bliss, A Memoir of Gratitude- How Grief Transformed me and Set me Free! May we all learn what makes our hearts sings and when we do make a difference in this world by making it a better place to live!

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