Never the same again!

Grateful for the Connections!

“Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some people move our souls to dance. They awaken us to a new understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom. Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon. They stay in our lives for awhile, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same.” ― Flavia Weedn

While so many different people are walking through this world, how will we know who will stop and stay with us on our journey? There in those precious moments in time we find magic in the connections as the mystery of life unfolds. There in those precious moments in time we discover who will be the ones to leave a profound imprint on our soul. For individuals who began as strangers, after a “synchronistic” encounter, form friendships whose powerful bond has a ripple effect far beyond what is known, whose connection lasts for an eternity, unbroken by distance or the passage of time. That special connection that is made stronger through the growing pains of life; made more beautiful through shared joy in the celebration; and made deeper through compassionate, warm embrace of laughter in times of need. Friends who come into our lives to teach us how to dance to the beat of life’s beautiful drum and who show us how to accept the challenges through the wisdom of grace. Whatever the reason for the connection, we remain forever grateful for the footprint left on our lives that has transformed us, has allowed us to become a better person and has expanded our heart’s capacity to love. For even when we are physically apart, the memory of the connection stays with us forever changing us in a beautiful way! And how thankful we will always be that we will never be the same again.


With true friends, it is safe to share your soul!


 “The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing… not healing, not curing… that is a friend who cares.

Henri Nouwen

While in a vulnerable place, they sit beside you and hold your hand. While looking for answers out of the confusion, they communicate in silence that you are not alone. While you may feel lost and lonely, the presence of a true friend is known as your heart recognizes an energy that can only be described as pure love.  For there you know that it is safe to share your soul, without having to be fixed or without needing permission. There you know that even in your darkest hour, your true friend will hold the light of hope until the joy and laughter can break in once again. There in the caring presence of a true friend, you can just be who you are, as you feel the emotions that arise from life’s toughest experiences. As you safely find the connection in your most difficult hour, when you make it through, that same friend will be there to rejoice with you as well. Because when you have a friend who is there for you, you are reminded by their presence alone that the beautiful colors of the world still exist and will return to your life again, it just takes time.  Look around and be grateful for your friends, isn’t it amazing to know that you have a safe place to share your soul?



Light up every room you walk into with love!

Light up every room you walk into with love!


“Surround yourself with people who make you hungry for life, touch your heart and nourish your soul.”


When you set out to live the proverbial play that is your life, make a conscious effort to draw in characters that reflect the kind of journey you wish to experience.  To help feel more alive, set out to attract the kind of person whose mere presence lights up every room that they walk into.  To feel passion in your soul, set out to embrace the kind whose enthusiasm for life and adventure is contagious. To leave your positive mark, set out to know the kind who makes YOU want to make a difference and leave this world a better place.  To feel love deeply, set out to know the kind who goes the extra mile lending an attentive ear as well as a compassionate heart. You can make conscious choices as to those characters you relate to.  When you choose to surround yourself with people whose primary theme in life is love, your soul will be nourished with the connection and your spiritual cup will runneth over allowing you to shower that affection on others as well. If you are lucky enough to meet someone who embodies all of the above, then hold on tight, honor that relationship and be incredibly grateful for the blessing because it is the greatest gift you will ever receive. One person’s light shared, enabling your light of love to shine as well.  Ask yourself what kind of company do you want to keep? 



Our true friends celebrate who we are!


A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.

Jim Morrison


There is the hope that we all will experience a moment in time where we are liberated by a total welcoming of who we are in this world. There is a tremendous gift when we are given traveling companions who encourage that freedom to just be who we are meant to be. With true friends, we get to see ourselves through the eyes of love. With true friends, we get to know ourselves by experiencing the pure joy of who we are in the connection to another soul. With the support of true friends, we are able to follow our heart’s greatest desires and learn from both the smooth and rocky parts of our journey. Free to be all we are meant to be, what a blessing that is! And when we look into the eyes of true friends and feel the complete acceptance knowing that we are not in this world alone, we are invited to celebrate life from a place of love. There is no greater freedom than that! Thank you to those friends who selflessly make us feel like that.






May I help you find your verse?

May I help you find your verse?

 “That you are here—that life exists, and identity; That the powerful play goes on, and you will contribute a verse.”

Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

As we awake to this journey and embrace our role, it is the process of life that unfolds before our eyes. We are here at this point in time, dressed in a personality that is all our own, armed with talents and skills that will aid us on the path of our choosing. Yet, thankfully, we are never alone in this life. We are introduced daily to different characters placed along the way to participate in the powerful play that goes on. We are presented with angels in time, our tribe, who are in our lives for a reason, season or a lifetime, each one serving a distinct purpose. All present so that we can better discover our own unique purpose through challenges, celebrations, companionship and conviviality. Grateful once again that we do not have to go it alone, turning to the other offering a warm embrace, asking so simply, in this powerful play of life, how may I help you find your verse?  images-1

Building a beautiful life!

Building a beautiful life!


“You just don’t luck into things  as much as you’d like to think that you do.  You build step by step, whether it’s friendships or opportunities.”  Barbara Bush


Sometimes things happen in life that we wish we could change or we wish we could have done something differently.  I find that when I take a different perspective on these types of events then I won’t get stuck in the negativity of the moment.  For instance, perhaps something happens where you think your world is over because of the tremendous impact it has on your life.  In the angst of the moment, you become overwhelmed with the pain felt not being able to imagine relief.  However, as the seasons of your life change, the despair that you may have experienced in the winter period will give way to the spring of a new life when you allow and surrender slowly to the healing process.   When you reach for support and love that surrounds you, then when the numbness subsides little by little, you will begin to realize that an experience where a profound change impacted your life has given way to opportunities and relationships that have significantly changed you for the better.  And when the light of summer shines brightly again, you will smile in gratitude for the events that have made you a stronger person. Knowing full well that without that experience, you would never have grown to fully bask in all the wonderful friendships that were made and new pathways that have come to your life.  All seasons present that have allowed you to build step by step a beautiful life that allows you to become what you might be with faith and trust! 



Suffering no longer in silence!

“Happiness consists not of having, but of being. It is a warm glow of the heart at peace with itself.” —David O. McKay

Suffering in silence is something that I have known since I was a child. Alone with my thoughts of how I do or did not measure up to what was expected of me, I nurtured a sense of longing for validation that has not let up even into my adult years. I yearned for a sense of peace. I yearned for a sense of acceptance that comes not from the external but internal. I yearned for a sense of freedom, freedom to exist in this world and enjoy my place in it. However, I found that this yearning dissipated when I no longer was silent about my suffering, and started to share it with others. While some accused me of times where I was overwhelmingly focusing on the negative, I found that in sharing I was freed from a false sense of perfection that I could never live up to. I no longer had to hide. I found through sharing, I could just be and happiness in connecting would return. I am human as are we all. Traveling through this life as seekers, what freedom comes from that warm glow of the heart at peace with itself. A peace that comes only from being who we are, made on purpose for a purpose. It is in acceptance of my vulnerability and suffering, it is also in acceptance of my gifts and talents, sharing with others so to allow my emotions to be released in tears and in laughter. For this is what makes a life. The latin “motere” to move, preceded by the prefix “e” out of. When we do not let ourselves to process whatever it is that we are feeling and allow them to move through and out, then the suffering remains. When we speak up and voice what we are feeling, then our emotions can be released allowing the journey to be a more peaceful and joyful experience, knowing we are not alone. And when I share at my most vulnerable place, I admit to the world that I still suffer at times, however, now no longer in silence for I am acknowledging that I was not made to live this life on my own.

I am grateful to those who were and are there to listen when I reach out! It has been three years since I met face to face with a darkness that from loss that I believed would never release. It is only through asking for help, acknowledging that I could not go it alone and accepting the love and support offered to me that the darkness lifted so that I may accept that warm glow of peace offered on a daily basis for all who desire it. Thank you to my friends known and gifted to me through the sunrise of my soul’s bliss over the past three years-those who have come into my life through the beauty of healing process and the written word!


What feels like an end, is only a new beginning!

“Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”

J.K. Rowling

We all grow spiritually as a result of many different life events. Some of the most profound instances of growth in my life have come as a result of necessity because of loss, dissatisfaction with life circumstance or feelings of helplessness. It is in these moments or experiences that I have discovered who is supporting me and I have discovered what I am made of. While transformation in life may be difficult when you resist it because of fear of the unknown, sometimes when you get to the point where you feel that you are at your end of the rope and ignoring change is no longer an option- that is when you hit rock bottom with only one way to go – UP!

I love J.K. Rowlings’s approach to the lowest time in her life, she turned inward to her core, she looked within for her answers and guidance. And, this turning towards herself with love has proven to establish for her a solid foundation to build her own legacy of love. What came from that time in her life was a beautiful tribute to the magic of the human spirit and the magic and beauty of life as she authored the Harry Potter series. Each day is an opportunity to continue to build on your strong foundation, keep building on the your belief in yourself- and belief in your own uniqueness. As you do this, you continue to build on the foundation that will be your legacy of love to the world. Turning something that felt like the end of the world into a new beginning, is the gift we get as each new day starts. AS long as we do our best in this regard, we cannot be considered fake or a hypocrite. AS long as we continue to act upon our own guidance and incorporate our actions with love, ours will be a legacy of leadership based upon solid principles. You cannot do better than that on your way up.


Surprise Yourself!

117. Surprise Yourself!

“Set a goal to achieve something that is so big, so exhilarating that it excites you and scares you at the same time. It must be a goal that is so appealing, so much in line with your spiritual core, that you can’t get it out of your mind. If you do not get chills when you set a goal, you are not setting big enough goals.”
Bob Proctor
Author and Speaker
Ever thought about something that you have always wanted to do and took steps toward realizing your goal! Whether it be starting a professional degree, finding the cure for a certain illness, experiencing something that allows you to see life in a different way, asking out someone who you have had a crush on for some time, inventing something beyond your wildest imagination or just meeting someone that you have admired. Nothing was ever achieved by numbing your mind day after day watching television for hours on end or blaming the world for not helping you. Take action- get excited- be proactive! If you think that there is a wall in your way, figure out how to get around it. Time to step outside your comfort zone and into the world of risk and possibility. Visualize your dreams and then set out the steps to reach that goal of achieving them. When you are on the right path – there will be signs along the way that will guide you- when you step into your greatness and fulfill your journey, you will inspire many to do the same. People will start to follow suit and that is leadership. Pay attention to the messages you get. Be an example, move forward into a bigger reality. Don’t set the bar low- reach for the stars. Get in line with your spirit and soar. You owe it to yourself and to the world- Dream big baby and make a goal to manifest something big for your life!


Love is the only way!

Here is a quickie from the secret scrolls-
“Love is the only way. If you focus on things that you love, then you are on your way to a beautiful life!”



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