Instructions for living a life!

“Instructions for living a life: Pay attention, Be astonished, Tell about it.”
Mary Oliver, “SOMETIMES”

There are times in life when we may find a need to detach from life and our surroundings. Perhaps our circumstances can get to be too overwhelming. When that happens, instead of desperately trying to control it all, we might just need to let go just a little and allow ourselves to float so that we can stay above water. The freedom that comes from a little surrender, rather than putting up a fight, may be just what is needed to gain a little perspective. It may be just what is needed to bring a bit of peace and balance back into our visual and physical sphere. When we feel the stress build and the anxiety take over, it is then we must start to pay attention to those internal cues that beg us to get back into the effortless flow of life. As we visualize floating on the lazy river of life, instead of the fast paced stormy waters that we are accustomed to, we get to be carried to a place of astonishment opening up to all the wonderful things that await. Pausing for just a moment to take it all in at a speed that we can handle and enjoy. And when we slow it down just a bit, we can be sure that there are always wonderful things that await us if we keep our eyes and mind open. When we are delivered to the next exciting part of our life’s journey, be sure to share these little instructions that make life worth living. Tell your story so that others may also experience a newfound hope for all the great possibilities to experience joy that are out there yet to be discovered. Come join me on the river won’t you?


What if?

On our third annual “broadway tour with the poppie”. After my mom passed away three years ago, my sisters Mary and Aimee and my dad “the poppie” have made it our July 4 th excursion to go to NYC and see shows on broadway together. The first show we saw last night was If/Then – a tale of two paths taken by the main protagonist when she looks at her life after making two different choices. Very profound and moving the impact of free will–and regardless the choices, the other people who she connects with play a role that helps her to learn the lessons her spirit came to learn. The second show “Rocky” portrays a story of hope that comes from love. You see the spirit blossom when you start to believe in yourself and that attracts others to do the same! The third show was Cabaret, my favorite. It was a dramatic depiction Of Berlin just prior to WWII, right before hitler’s Nazi Germany. Showing people being themselves, until fear comes and changes the way of life for many. Makes you think about the concept of ” it will never happen to me.” Makes you aware that unless we as a whole learn and remember what can happen in a world where people try to foster hate instead of finding beauty in the differences. Then we saw “hedwig and the angry inch.” Wow, a story about pain from life circumstances and the search for love! To me, the common underlying theme throughout was triumph and endurance of the human spirit when it opens up to love! Then of course the desire to share that message with others- it’s broadway and life is a stage!!! Through beautiful or raucous music, through creative portrayal of life on a sound stage, and through inspired acting, it all made me think- what if? and surrounded by my family, sisters, my father, my aunts and uncle, my cousin and my best friend- I got to look at my own broadway production that is my life filled with drama, joy and especially love and smile bc I will know that I make choices that serve my highest good and everything is unfolding as it should and of course “life is a cabaret old chum, come to the cabaret!!”20140719-082740-30460897.jpg

Message to God!

Why is it that when I get most overwhelmed I find it so difficult to have faith that you are there taking care of me and my family! You’d think that those times are when I should let go the most and just put it all in your loving hands. The struggle to surrender is sometimes almost harder to me than my reality. The ” what ifs” take over and I think I can do something to prevent any bad- then I get anxious and almost want to crawl out of my own skin. I have heard it before that I am not terminally unique and many go through the struggles just like me. While the idea that I am not alone brings some solace, sitting here contemplating you in all your glory begs the question “why would I need the glory when just the unconditional love in times like this will suffice? “

so let this be my prayer to you tonight, can you please envelop my family, friends I know and those I don’t in your unconditional love to heal what ails us all both physically and spiritually – that is it – and in exchange I will do my part here on earth! Amen and alleluia!
A special prayer for my sister Aimee to find what is causing her headaches so that the proper medicine can be taken so she feels better!
Thank you and peace !

Becoming the best you possible!

“Been down one time, been down two times, never going back again!” Fleetwood Mac

You have come so far, sometimes you don’t even realize it because you are too close.  If you take a moment and look, you may not even recognize the person who you were last year, last month or even last week.  A lifetime ago you were the small, insecure child finding your way in this great big world.  Today, you are the strong, courageous adult who is determined to forged ahead despite the many obstacles along the way.  Through your birth, you have been given the greatest invitation to make your dreams come alive.  You have been given the greatest opportunity to unveil your passion through the talents bestowed upon you. Who cares if you have made mistakes along the way, as long as you are alive the invitation is still there. You can either accept it or not.  For your growth experienced from both joy and pain becomes the building blocks to carry you further on.  For your wisdom gained from insight is just what you need to deliver you to the next level.  So don’t look in the mirror wishing to see the same person as yesterday. You are so much better today if you believe it to be true.  Just declare to the world your acceptance of the journey. And even if you have been knocked down, declare that you are never going back again.  And as you move forward, let your prayer be to remember the lessons learned, to grow from the compassion felt, and to continue to become the best version of you possible. 


Reminder to laugh!

“I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most – to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person.”
Audrey Hepburn

Everywhere you look nowadays, it seems that the media is offering pictures of doom and gloom. It seems that many in today’s society are so overwhelmed by their responsibilities and obligations that they can barely get through the day. Maybe you are one of the many. Before you throw in the towel and give up, figure out a way to bring laughter back into your world. In life there are serious matters at hand that can make you feel out of sorts, that is where it is most encouraged to keep a sense of balance and not lose your sense a humor. Look for those people who are most able to bring a little sunshine back to your days. Seek them out. You will know them when you see them. They fill a room with merriment while rejoicing in the light of laughter. They will help to turn the switch of your soul from despair to delight. And with the infectious guffaws and tittering, the feeling of joy invades your very being once again. You love those people who make you laugh. For when laughter returns, you have allowed hope once again as your spirits takes flight. That moment where you can invite your heart to lose some of the heaviness and replace it with love. Rejuvenating yourself so that you can pass it on to others and invite them to embrace the lighter side of life as well. Paying it forward in a world that begs for less doom and gloom and more unfettered glee. Reminding us all how important it is to laugh! Thank you to those who are especially gifted in this area- you make the world a better place and with the laughter you bring, you are clearly the best medicine!


Live your life in a state of wonder!

“Poets and philosophers are alike in being big with wonder.”

Thomas Aquinas

See it all through eyes of great wonder. Look for the colors that brighten your world. Listen for the music that lightens your soul. Feel for the first time the warmth of the sun or the coolness of the rain. If you don’t start living life from a perspective of big wonder, how else will you really get to experience this great masterpiece articulately laid out before you. To have a mind that can truly embrace the beauty of your journey that is offered to you each and every day. To have a heart that can truly capture the incredible feeling that life has to share. To have a spirit that alights with the insight gained through those elements that set off a spark of pure joy. All of it a gift offered with love to boost your own idea of happiness. Life gives you the material to write amazing stories filled with magic and miracles that are discovered through successes and challenges alike. You are like the poets when you capture the essence of the experience and set out what you see through music, dance, art and words. You are like the philosophers when you look for and accept that there is deeper meaning and purpose to your presence in this world. When you decide to be the perpetual student of life, you take part in your mission to learn what that purpose is. And the more you seek to learn, the more open your world becomes.   When you see things that have always been present, you lift the veil of darkness from your eyes. And all because you choose to live your life in a state of wonder for the magnificence before you. What a wonderful insight to share!  Here is to the wonder!


Never look back- so much opportunity ahead!

“Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.”
Henry David Thoreau

If you want to move forward in life, keep your chin up and both eyes looking ahead. In a world where opportunities could appear at any moment, stop focusing your attention on the past cause you just might miss what pops up along the way. After you ponder the big questions and come up with a plan that you can get enthusiastic about, get ready to move into action. When you articulate where you want to go in this life, what do you want to do or what ideas want to see come to life, be your greatest asset by allowing your amazing mind to visualize it all come to life. Set the course with your eyes wide open ready to see it all come to fruition. Conjure up your wishes and set them free out in to the universe keeping your head up and your eyes on the prize. And never look back, that is of course, unless you are planning to go that way. Then again, why would you want to live over what you have already experience when there is so much more out there yet to discover. There is so much more opportunity ahead of your, keep moving forward and enjoy!

Trust your choices and the beauty will unfold!

“Since every choice is a fork in the road, each decision brings with it new hope and promise.”

Richard Carlson, PhD

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

 In every moment of my life, I make choices- may they be big or small. I imagine that you all do as well.  These choices may not seem so important or they may seem to be huge.  Some are easily made and some can paralyze you- they can range from where to go to lunch, where to put my kids in school, is this relationship serving me or how will I serve others today.  Each of these decisions, no matter how big or how small can change the trajectory of the path for my life. Your choices have the same effect on your life as well- you just don’t often think of things that way when you unconsciously move through your days.   When you are conscious of your decisions in life, you turn from an attitude of “it is done to me” towards a more empowering posture of “I choose what I create.” It could be sharing a smile, to opening a door for someone, or perhaps making the tough decisions and trusting all will be well- this ultimately creates an atmosphere of love that will surround you.  When you make that shift in your life view, it is really exciting because then you begin to notice that each choice really can bring new hope and promise if you allow it.  I challenge you all to go within and really think about your life and perform as if you are the director in your own play rather than someone who is a puppet being acted upon.  If you take a moment to do this, go within and listen to your intuition, you will find that you have all the answers to what it is that you need on this journey and your choices will start to align with your spirit. Trust yourself and watch your choices open up your world and let the beauty unfold. What a great way to embolden and live your life- Happy decision making as you embark on a new month!



You might as well choose what you love!

“You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on what you love.”
Jim Carrey

We often wonder to ourselves what this journey is all about. We often ponder our purpose in the grand scheme of life that surrounds us. We often question from a place of introspection, what really is the point to all of this anyway. And at once, after the question is formulated in our minds, it goes out to the world in search of the perfect reply to our specific query. And at once, we must start to pay attention to the universe unfolding all around us. And at once, we must be open to the call that is perfectly tailored to assist us in discovering the answers that our soul is searching for. When we recognize that the answers are all around when we rise to the occasion, we become a part of the magic of the universe once again seeking to follow our passion in matters both big and small. Almost missing the important moments when we get lost in the shoulds of life, yet somehow awakened to our intentions when we recognize that certain opportunity arises just for us. Doors that were once seen as closed now easily opened to the next part of the journey that lies before us. Brief seconds in time that offer a path that will make all the difference. Brief seconds that challenge us to take the risk to be seen in all our glory by taking a chance on what we love. When those opportunities come, where the beat of our heart is matched, we are pushed to act now, move now, respond now. Think about whether we would prefer to fail at something we don’t want or that take the chance to on what you love.  If we answer the call, then we get to participate in the magic and make the choices that give our lives meaning. So between love and fear, choose what you love.


Now to get your groove back!

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.”

Eckhart Tolle

If you feel like you are in a rut, let’s spice things up a bit! Wherever you are in this moment, at this time, close your eyes. With your eyes closed, think about what you want to see and experience in your life today. Perhaps you would like to expand your horizons with a new professional opportunity. Perhaps you would like to connect with a person who can positively impact your world. Perhaps you want to experience laughter and fun. Or, perhaps you would like to experience more peace, love and joy more often throughout your day. Now, with eyes wide open, see your world again for the first time looking for what it is that you most seek. When you start from a place of gratitude acknowledging all the good that is already there, you are well on your way to realizing your dreams. In the few moments it took you to close and open your eyes, you can experience a renewed vision filled with possibilities. When you acknowledge the solid foundation that already exists, you can enthusiastically climb to greater heights as you choose to build upon the circumstances of the present moment. With hope, instead of seeing what has gone wrong, you can build from a place of what has gone right. And by focusing your attention in the direction of your abundance, your effortless flow will return. Rut be gone! Remember attention goes where energy flows. So make sure to take a moment and do this quick exercise to transform your life by revving up with positive energy and get your groove back in no time at all! How is that for spicy!



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