Watch your amazing unfold!

“Arrange whatever pieces come your way.”
Virginia Wolff

My prayer today is that I see everything that comes my way as a blessing. Instead of wanting what I don’t have in life, know that I have everything I need. Everything that comes my way is exactly what I need for my journey to unfold exactly as it should. The beauty of it all is to arrange the pieces of my life as the mystery unfolds into something amazing! Arrange well and watch your amazing unfold!

Accept and Move on!


We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.
Carl Jung

There is magic in accepting those things that we cannot change. There is a tremendous sense of freedom in that place of release. The acceptance frees us to move forward into a future unburdened by resentment or regret. The acceptance allows us to stop punishing ourselves over and over again for things that have happened. The acceptance of where we are right here and right now allows us to be present unhindered by our self imposed shackles. We sometimes stand steadfast to the ghosts of the past that haunt us with all our might because it is a known commodity. And, what is known feels safe for a limited time. But it is in the holding on to what is safe, that we lock ourselves in our own self imposed cell that prevents real growth in our life. It is in the acceptance, forgiveness and release that we can liberate ourselves from self-sabotage. It is in the acknowledgment that we cannot change what has happened that we are free to experience the amazing grace that awaits us on the inside. Judgment and a closed mind locks us into a cycle of condemnation. The magic of accepting is the precise ingredient needed to experience real change and ultimately feel alive. So what are you waiting for, accept what you see before you and confirm that it is time to move on oppressed no more!



Take time to dream!

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”
Paulo Coelho

When we don’t take the time to dream, we are susceptible to get caught up in the routine of everyday comings and goings. When we fail to dream, we are subject to losing sight of the beauty that surrounds us with all the magic it holds. When we forget to stop and schedule moments to just be and dream, we miss out on that precious time to connect with that place inside waiting to blossom forth. Our dreams are what keeps our passion alive. Our dreams are what makes life worth living. Our dreams need to be recognized and validated so that we can thrive. Do we dream to face the challenge of running a marathon to see what our bodies are capable of? Do we dream to perform on stage singing and dancing to our hearts content to see if we are courageous? Do we dream to develop a cure to see if we can use our minds to relieve suffering? Or do we dream to write to share our light with the world to see if we can make a difference? How will we connect with our burning desires within if we don’t take the time to shine light on our dreams? Wake up. In the reaching for something greater than ourselves, pushing past other’s notions of what could happen for us, we revitalize our purpose and path. Yes, we wake up, get dressed and go to work or wherever else we are scheduled to be. Yes, we have responsibilities to tend to that seek to fill the hours of our days. However, when we focus, plan, and take just moments on a daily basis to think about what gives our hearts wings, that time invested in ourselves will be key for mapping out our personal plan for finding joy through our dreams. A dream map that will guide us to reach for something that has always been in our grasp. One that will continue to protect us from the doldrums of life and guide us to discover our greatest potential.  Yes, our spirits depend on the time that we take to be innovative by imagining what we are capable of. When we start out by focusing on our dreams and then setting out to follow them, we open the doors for a whole world of possibilities as we enthusiastically experience a universe where dreams really come true!  Now how is that for interesting!


Who are you going to believe?

“All of what you are going through has a purpose. It will teach you empathy so that you can relate and help others someday.”
Mary Jo Nocero

Which part of you are you going to believe? Will you believe the proverbial “devil” or the “angel” that sits on your shoulder? The devil is your ego afraid and in fear of the unknown. The angel is your soul already free from the illusions of the world. The devil is only a caricature of that part of your persona that yearns for love. You must acknowledge that part of you and embrace it so that the fear of being wounded again does not overtake you. The angel is only a caricature of that part of your persona that knows that you are love. You must acknowledge that part of you so that you start to believe that you are divine. Both parts serve a higher purpose. Both sides offer you perspective as your life unfolds. Both sides allow you to awaken and transform as you become more aware and liberated. Both sides are important and must be in balance in the reality that we are human and at the same time divine. Be the observer where before you may have been a judge. Step back and experience the moments where the ego wants to take over and dominate. Allow the soul, the divine you, to give it love and care. Be the observer to your past experiences. You are the person you are now because of what you have gone through. Believe the duality of your life holds profound meaning and embrace both! Ultimately you will come to realize that the compassion gained from loving all of you will make a difference in your life and in the lives of others someday. And to that I say Amen! It is all so worth it!

Create brilliance with kind words!

“Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.”
Blaise Pascal

All of us use language in our daily lives. Whether written or spoken, the words we use form the basis of the relationships we develop as we move through our journey here. Whether we think about their impact or not, the words that come out of our mouths can either build bridges to enable better communication or tear them down creating obstacles to positive growth. Words can be used as a magical elixir that heals or can be used as a poisonous concoction that could harm beyond belief. And, it is hard to deny the power of uplifting and empowering words that spark profound and brilliant changes for the audience that receives them willingly. We all have witnessed throughout history examples of words used well in the form of inspired speeches that have long remained great examples for generations. We all have been taught proverbs over time that advise to remember kindness when choosing the way we express ourselves to another. We all have been offered opportunities throughout our lifetimes to be mindful as we reach out to connect with our world. Sometimes we take advantage of using kindness in our connections and sometimes we do not. However, if we pause to think of the positive power of our words before we speak, we can set out to share our truth with others in such a way that better the world around us. Then, we are more aware that what we share can be positive force that can create an environment for the conversation to continue rather than cut it off completely. When we take a deep breath and use our words to build bridges, then the space that was there previously can finally be tied together to allow the field of potential to take over to create amazing things. Today, let your words convey hope for a better world, let your words grab on to faith in all things good, let your words share the tremendous love waiting for all of us, and most of all let your words allow for forgiveness when we err. And choose well to create for yourself and others a brilliant place bolstered by kindness where we all can thrive. It costs nothing to do so!

An excerpt from the metta meditation (metta means loving kindness)
May you be happy.
May you be safe and protected from harm.
May you be healthy and strong.
May you live with ease.


Empower your present with memories of the past! April 11, 2014

“I’ve never tried to block out the memories of the past, even though some are painful. I don’t understand people who hide from their past. Everything you live through helps to make you the person you are now.”
Sophia Loren

Instead of yearning to relive our yesterdays, be grateful for the tools that we have learned to help us embrace the potential that lies in our present. Instead of blocking painful memories of the past, appreciate the gifts of compassion that we have gathered from those moments that will help us to approach life from a different perspective. Instead of mourning the times where we felt safe and secure, give thanks for the courage that we have mustered to help move us forward to fulfill our dreams.

Our fond memories remind us of the lives of loved ones that have touched us deeply and left their distinct mark on our hearts. Our challenging memories remind us that we can get through even the most difficult circumstances. In both aspects, our memories are there to empower and liberate us to experience an amazing life, nothing less. So when we are grateful for the profound highs as well as for the difficult lows, we get to choose to empower ourselves with the knowledge that the lesson learned from each makes us who we are. By embracing each and every experience in life and not getting stuck in the negative, we are sure to become stronger and more liberated to enjoy the present where we will have many more opportunities to meet more amazing people and encounter a world of such amazing things. We have the choice to live a life bolstered by the memories of our past or not. When we build upon the positive frequencies of our memories, we decide to believe in a strong foundation built upon positive building blocks that will support our lives for years to come. And upon that place of strength, we can empower our present with amazing memories of times gone by and people who have blessed us with their presence. If we embrace the joy, our reward will be an even greater love for life along the way. As Dr. Seuss so eloquently stated, then we will choose to “smile because it happened.”Image

Come alive before the world!

“I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.”
~Laura Ingalls Wilder

Happy Easter! A time of great transformation. A time where you get to celebrate the truest lesson of love, one person’s sacrificing for another. Where you are reminded that if one person’s life can make a difference to the world, so can yours! You are both the student and the teacher of life. When you are present to the moment, you get to witness the simple things that make the experience of living worthwhile. Then you must teach what you know to pass the lesson on.

Each event in life offers an opportunity to learn, heal, grow, transform and rejoice. You must experience each one to gather the pieces of your mystery to create the masterpiece that is your life. Embrace those moments and allow the journey to unfold by getting into your flow that will Allow your life to be a positive example for all to see. You are a great student of love, so be sure to teach it as well.

What will your lesson plan be? Will you show your humanity by sharing your imperfections and vulnerabilities? Will you share your great love for life and others by reaching out to find the connections? Will you take the leap of faith that will comfort you in the notion that there are no coincidences in life? The answer can only be simply yes. For the universe is waiting for you to step into your dreams and show the world, transforming ever so beautifully at that. That reality is so simple and sweet.Take a deep breath now and rest in God as you allow and surrender to that love in it’s truest form. And as spring overtakes you, allow yourself to come alive right before our eyes.

Engage and free your spirit!

“Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they’re yours.”
Richard Bach

Face your fears! I had the most tumultuous week last week! I was beating myself up emotionally for not being further along my path in fulfilling my dreams. I was frustrated because I was looking too close at the end result and failed to see how far I have come. On top of that, I lost a dear friend to breast cancer, the same thing that took my Mom’s life nearly three years ago this Saturday. ( anniversaries are so tough!) Here I was stuck in the feeling that I was stuck- blocked- not moving forward into a freer, happier time. I was having a grad time sleeping and I was so run down that I got a terrible cold and had to call in sick for work.

When u returned to work the next day, I was greeted by anger. One of my closest colleagues accused me of being selfish and lying to get out of fulfilling my work obligations and not caring about others. He said that I should have come into work even if I was sick (needless to say my boss was incredibly kind and caring and understanding) All I could focus on was the mean spiritedness of my friend. And in retrospect, it was clear that my own punishing and sabotaging behavior led to real physical symptoms and attracted behavior from others who treated me the same way I was treating myself. After a good cry and a much needed emotional release, I got some perspective.

While I was allowing this drama and fear of the unknown overtake me, I spoke to another very close person in my life who taught me a little lesson about perspective by practicing patience. Seeing the behavior for what it is and not engaging. Instead look for the love and support and build on that foundation.
Then I realized something else, I was pulling back from life. Fear started to permeate me and I was retreating rather than facing it.

Engage in life, don’t run from it. How appropriate that I would find myself at an amusement theme park on Saturday to celebrate the birthday of my dad.

So many great rollercoasters to ride. As a child, I was always fearful of what might happen if I got in and took the plunge. I always took the warnings posted to protect the park from liability very seriously. Then, I just grabbed ever last ounce of courage I had and rode my first rollercoaster and can remember how much I loved the thrill and surrender of being a part of the moment and just going with it. Seeing the loops and falls as a bystander was a much different experience than being a part of the ride. Had I always watched from the sidelines then I would never know that experience of freedom by engaging.

Such is life. There are many fears that could hold us back. There are many perceived warnings posted on the path. But there are no guaranteed protections if you don’t engage as well. You can be a bystander watching from the sidelines or you can get on the ride and experience life for yourself. The choice is yours. I found myself this last weekend passing on the rides, making excuses not to go. Then at the final hour, my nephew made a huge stink about wanting to go on one of the best rollercoaster in the park. After standing on the sidelines all day, I finally said I would go with him. My own son declined most probably dealing with his own fears of the unknown- he is still young. But with my heart pounding as I saw the warnings posted on again, I proceeded. As they locked me in the seat, I told myself “meg face your fears, don’t let them control you! You don’t want to be in a self imposed cage of your own making”. Then I just surrendered and boy what a ride! You are launched forward with such an unexpected thrust that your mind does not have a chance to process the possibility of doom and it is all fun from there. I laughed, screamed and watched in front of me with my eyes wide opened grateful once again for the necessary emotional release.

So what did I learn? Nearly three years ago, my mom died. The fear of death threatened to stop me from living. I have come a long way in those three years, pushing past that fear to step into the enjoyment of life once again without her. But, occasionally when I get stuck in that self sabotaging cycle again, why not get on a rollercoaster to help face my fears. Why not lose control to regain a sense of self and redefining purpose. It was just a ride, but a ride with quit a profound lesson for my life. Do I want to be a bystander and miss out on so much, or do I engage and face my fears along the wAy!!!! How I felt during the ride and when I got off, will have me choosing the latter. At least until I need another reminder again! And in that regard, I am setting an example for my children to do the same. Perhaps my son will see my courage and follow suit. Until then, a little thrill seeking perhaps is just what I needed to get unstuck and move forward disregarding the nastiness that I may experience courtesy of myself and others only to embrace all the wonder that lies before me! Staying true to myself, knowing that I am doing my best, and determined to have as much fun as I can with harm to none- life is too short and I am going to do my best to have no regrets- face my fears knowing that with a strong faith in the divine I am going to be ok-this would be sure to make my mother proud -amen and alleluia!

Compassion, not judgment!

Compassion, not judgment!

“I got a fortune cookie that said, ‘To remember is to understand.’ I have never forgotten it. A good judge remembers what it was like to be a lawyer. A good editor remembers being a writer. A good parent remembers what it was like to be a child.”

Anna Quindlen,

Author and Journalist

Steven Covey has said seek first to understand, then to be understood.  Very sage advice in life.  Each person comes to a situation with a different perspective that is at times uniquely different than your own.  Each person has experiences that have shaped them. Each person has undergone their own kind of hardship or achievement that has led to growth and change.  So before you judge another based upon your own life lessons, bring compassion to the table and leave criticism behind.  You have your own mountains to climb, your have your own valleys to get through.  You have your own blessings to cherish and you have your own life to live.  You may be exceedingly fortunate or you may have had more than your share of difficulties.  There is no such thing as perfection when determining whether you or others have experienced a life well lived.  You and I are all doing our best with the foundations that you and I have built our lives on.  Yours is not to judge.  Rather, yours is to ensure that in every applicable instance, you carry a heart filled with compassion and empathy as a cornerstone for the way you move forward.  You are born into this world to learn and grow.  As you grow, you gain wisdom knowing that with love and forgiveness as the primary tools in your arsenal, you can have a positive impact on another’s life. Take a moment to understand this before you act.  You have traveled a journey with the intention to be the best person you can be.  While you may slip and fall along the way, when you are held in the arms of compassionate connections, your healing as well as the world’s is advanced further.  So, in your interactions today, will you take a moment to be a light of compassion in a world so desperate for it by seeking to understand rather than judging yourself or others?  Remember that each of us started out as a beautiful little child filled with endless possibilities. Will you move forward today with that in mind and reach out in love?




Have you been on the “hero’s journey” all along?

“This is a tale I pray the divine Muse to unfold to us. Begin it, goddess, at whatever point you will.” The Odyssey of Homer

You are the hero of your own life! Declare it. You too must acknowledge this important role as your story unfolds. Why must you shy away from the power and transformation that comes with this distinction in your life? Own it. The path is yours to discover through your own eyes and distinct perspective. Have you played this part and been on this journey your whole life, renewing the cycle over and over again as you go? Yes, yes, yes. Know it. You are living your own mythical adventure of wonder, magic and intrigue. Are you truly here with purpose for great things? Believe it. If only your path touches one other than you with the goodness you behold then you are making a difference. Can you be profoundly aware of your own power to heal? Begin it. Yes you can heal yourself as well as others. Do not delay. Go forth fellow companions and begin it at whatever point you will. The journey is yours ultimately, you have been on the path of the hero all along!


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